Queen Elizabeth II Funeral – What To Expect?

With the official announcement, we now know that the queen is no longer with us. The announcement came from Buckingham Palace. A call cascade preceeded it. Firstly, the private secretary of the queen informed the Prime Minister about it, and then, the same news was passed to the cabinet secretary and the privy council. All the different government bodies are working for Queen Elizabeth II Funeral. Subsequently, there is a mourning state not only in Britain but also across the globe.

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral - What To Expect
Queen Elizabeth II Funeral – What To Expect

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: What Happened?

The flags of all the royal residences, government buildings and Whitehall were lowered to half-mast. Additionally, the website of the royal holding also went through a change. It now features a black holding page that accompanies an announcement regarding death. Along with it, the government websites also hold a black banner. The first announcement came from the Prime Minister. The question arises here Was Queen Elizabeth II ill?

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: What To Expect?

Here is what you can expect at Queen Elizabeth II Funeral. Firstly, the gun salutes will take place at Hyde Park and Tower Hill. Silence will follow the event. King Charles and the Prime Minister will then address the first audience. Also, he will sign off the full funeral in an official manner at Earl Marshal. The Queen Elizabeth II Funeral will last over ten days. 

We can expect the information regarding the official plans for Queen Elizabeth II Funeral later this week. Charles will do the same through broadcast. 

On Saturday, the Accession Council will meet at St James Palace. The members of the councils are privy counselors and senior government figures. In the palace, the principal proclamation of the new king will take place. An announcement regarding the same will be made from the palace’s balcony. 

It will be followed by another proclamation which will be read at the Royal Exchange located in London. The king will share the space with:

  • The Prime Minister, 
  • Cabinet 
  • Leaders of the Opposition 
  • Archbishop of Canterbury 
  • Dean of Westminister. 

Then, the tributes will take place in parliament. For the Accessional Council, the flags will be at full mast for a day and then will return to half-mast. 

It is only then that the coffin will leave Balmoral. The coffin will be taken to the road of the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Tributes are then likely to continue in:

  • Edinburgh, 
  • Cardiff 
  • Belfast 

A ceremonial procession will also take place from the Holyrood along the path of the Royal Mile to St Giles’ Cathedral. A service of the royal family will follow it. After the service is over, the space will remain open to the public for a day. The coffin will then be taken to London. 

Role Of King Charles

King Charles will play a prominent role in Queen Elizabeth II Funeral. He will visit Northern Ireland. There, he will receive a message of condolence and further will attend St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast. There, he will then reflect on the queen’s life and pray for her. 

Finally, there will be rehearsals for the queen’s coffin procession. The rehearsal will take place from Buckingham Palace to Westminister Hall. 

The big ceremony will take place in London and it will arrive at Buckingham Palace. After the arrival of the queen, we can expect a short service. All the people will pay their respect. The mounting of the coffin will take place on Westminister Hall’s catafalque. It will then remain open to the public for 23 hours. 

On the eve of Queen Elizabeth II Funeral, the new king will welcome all the foreign royal families. The entire event will be at least ten days long.

Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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