Was Queen Elizabeth II ill?

Just a few hours after the official news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, it was confirmed that the Queen had left for her eternal abode. As doctors seemed very alarmed about her state of health, the family was immediately called to meet her. All Royal family members reached Balmoral Castle to say their last goodbyes to the Queen. She was 96 years old at the time of her death. But was Queen Elizabeth II ill? To find out, continue reading the article!

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned the kingdom for decades! She was just 25 when she started this journey. And in this tenure, she appointed Prime Ministers like Winston Churchill. And to Liz Truss. But sadly, the Queen is no more with us, and everyone is thinking, who’ll be Queen Elizabeth III? This news came recently from the official sources inside the Palace. 

The real reason behind Queen Elizabeth II’s death

The Queen was in her Scotland residence, under strict medical supervision. She has reigned for over 70 years but hasn’t taken any meetings or events lightly. However, the situation this time was so concerning that she had to cancel a  virtual conference as per the doctors’ advice. Just a while ago, the official social media accounts of the Royal Pace released a statement concerning the Queen’s health. The information did not talk about the reason behind her ailing health. However, it did make it clear that she was under strict supervision.

Was Queen Elizabeth II ill
Was Queen Elizabeth II ill

Many Royal Family members visited her immediately. These members include the next King in line Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla Parker. Prince William also hurried to the palace. Along with Queen’s other children, Andrew and Edward. And her daughter Princess Anne was with her in her final hours. It looks like the Palace will take time to announce the real reason behind the Queen’s death. However, Queen Elizabeth fell victim to Covid-19 back in February. Although she recovered from Covid, it looks like the virus left an everlasting impact on her health. 

The Queen has suffered from declining health for quite some time now. The doctors quoted her condition as ‘episodic mobility problems. Her public appearances became less frequent after the doctors hospitalized her last year. The Queen started living in Scotland in July. And this is where she passed away. It is a tradition for the prime ministers of the country to be appointed at Buckingham Palace. However, this tradition happened at the Balmoral Palace due to her health. The new prime minister of the UK also expressed her grief on Twitter. And advised the nation to have hope in these dire times. 

Moreover, her old age can also be the reason behind her death as she was 96! Due to her declining health, the Queen had to miss out on significant events. However, she was recently photographed with Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister of the UK. in the picture; it was visible that the Queen was having a hard time. She seemed very weak with a stick in her hand for support. Back in April of 2021, her husband, Prince Philip, passed away. It was a sad moment for the nation. And after almost a year, she’ll be reunited with her husband. 

As the Queen was suffering because of her ill health Prince Charles had taken over some of the essential duties. Prince Harry also rushed to the castle to meet his grandmother. However, his wife, Meghan Markel, did not accompany him. But she’ll join him later in Scotland. Princess Kate has not gone to the castle either. 

Despite her health, Queen Elizabeth tried her best to be a true monarch of the nation. During the pandemic, she passed on her condolences to those who suffered and gave hope to the public. In light of the recent flooding in Pakistan, she also stated to the people and extended her support. Till her very last breath, she served the nation. Her reign has ended, but her legacy will live on forever!

So, no one has the answer to ‘Was Queen Elizabeth II ill?’ But as soon as we get any official updates from reliable sources, we will add them to this site. Hence stay tuned for more updates on the matter! 


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