Pyeongchang Winter Olympics : Robots steal the show in World’s first Robot skiing Competition

Robots, Artificial Intelligence Module, compete in their First Ski Tournament at  Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The recent Robot Ski Competition notifies that Olympics aren’t just for Humans anymore, this suggest that Olympics are Unbiased. The tournament was at an 80-meter alpine skiing course.

On Monday, an announcement was made at Winter Olympics introducing Robots. As, the grounds of Pyeongchang mark the beginning of new Robotics era. South Korea’s county division Pyeongchang played host to AI competitors. At this Robot Skiing event held in South Korea, participating teams had to navigate a slalom course. This Skiing event was not an official Olympic competition. It is rather a possibility for South Korea to display Robotic Technology abilities on a Global programme.

 Winter Olympics : Robot skiing Competition

Winter Olympics’ volunteers team is working in extra time for promoting Korean Robotics technology. It is showing robots to guide visitors, clean the surroundings and the recent ski tournament competition. The tournament titled “Edge of Robot: Ski Robot Challenge,” in which 8 robotic teams participated for a $10,000 prize. To fulfill the eligibility criteria,  robots have to look like humans with 2 arms and 2 legs and minimal height of 50 cm. A Robot named Taekwon V win the competition having 75 cm of height. Below, is video by its makers MiniRobot Corp :

Our robots cannot race in the Olympics so we organised this race during the Olympic period so that we can show South Korea’s robotic technology to the world. I think in the future, robots will have their own Winter Olympics, on the sidelines of the Olympics held by humans.” said Kim Dong-Uk, organizer of the ski robot challenge.
A question is shattering all over the internet, Why winners are given Teddy bears with no sign of hard-earn medal ? The answer is these toys aren’t teddy bears but actually a Korean mythology guarding White Tiger as the shape of Olympic Mascot. Nevertheless, athletes are finally get medals but later at evening ceremony.



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