Paramount cancels ‘Assisted Living’ after Cardi B backs out

Cardi B backs out of a $30 million movie titled ‘Assisted Living” the day before the shooting begins. After she has backed out, Paramount Players, the production company, has altogether decided to suspend Assisted Living Cardi B has dropped out. The same was informed to the cast and other crew members who are involved in the film by saying that the movie was temporarily scrapped. According to reports, Cardi B backed out of the movie because of overextension. 

Which Role Cardi B Was Supposed To Play?

Which Role Cardi B Was Supposed To Play?
Which Role Cardi B Was Supposed To Play?

Cardi B was supposed to play the role of a criminal in Cardi B who decides to go for a run after getting accused of a crime. In the movie, she was supposed to be seen proving her innocence and for the same, she was supposed to hide in the retirement home of her grandmother. In addition to that, she was also supposed to play the role of an old lady and use prosthetics and make-up to fit her for the role of an old lady. 

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According to reports, because of the last minute cancellation and exit by Cardi B, legal action might be taken against her. She is a mom of two. Cardi B welcomed her second child last year in 2021 with her husband Offset. She is also trying to protect her 3-year daughter after finding out that her Instagram page is filled with hate messages. She made her account private after that. Cardi B is currently a rapper, songwriter, actress and businesswoman. Her music generally belongs to the hip hop genre. She is married to Offset and has two children. Cardi B is known for her candid lyrics and aggressive flow. She gained most of the fame on Instagram and Vine. She has recently become the creative director of Playboy, an entertainment magazine in 2022. Cardi B released her first studio album in 2018 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. She also became the only woman to win the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. After becoming a singer, she is now trying her hands in films. She has a long list of awards in her bucket. 

Temple Hill was the producer of Assisted Living and it was directed by Thembi Banks. Most of the time when stars pull out so late out of a movie, legal actions are taken but one is not sure whether legal action will be taken against her or not. People are currently hoping that the movie will be released later this year. 

Cardi B has recently starred in F9 as Leysa and will be back to play the same role in the tenth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise in 2023. It was confirmed that she landed a lead role in the movie in January 2021. The film was supposed to be based on a script written by Kay Oyegun and was compared with Sister Act and Mrs Doubtfire. Stephen Love and Temple Hill were serving as producers in the movie. Paramount won the right to produce Assisted Living in a competitive bidding war that took place in 2019. If she would have done Assisted Living, it would have been her first leading role in a movie. 

Cardi B made her film debut back in 2019 with Hustlers. In this movie, she did a small cameo role as a stripper at a club. The Grammy winner will be next seen in the Fast and Furious sequel F9. She has also executive produced a music competition show “Rhymth + Flow”. The future of Assisted Living is currently unknown and it is not yet known whether she will be working in the movie later this year or not. 

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