Ninjago Dragons Rising Season 2 Has Confirmed Release Date in April

A few months back in 2023, we learned about Ninjago Dragons Rising at the San Diego Comic-Con. Fast forward to 2024, and we finally have a definite release date! The good news is more information about the Ninjago Dragons Rising Season 2. So, without further delay, let’s get into the details!

Ninjago Dragons Rising Season 2 Release Date is Around The Corner

Ninjago Dragons Rising Season 2 will premiere on April 4, 2024. Reportedly, the upcoming season will comprise 20 episodes. Like its predecessor, the new batch of episodes will have an average runtime of 22 minutes.

The sequel will be available for streaming on Netflix.

Ninjago Dragons Rising Season 2
Ninjago Dragons Rising Season 2

Ninjago Dragons Rising Season 2 Voice Cast

As always, Ninjago has the best voice cast members again. It’s a perfect blend of newcomers and others who have been with the project since its inception. Here’s the complete list of who will be featured in the second season:

  • Arin, voiced by Deven Mack
  • Cinder (voice actor unknown)
  • Cole, voiced by Andrew Francis
  • Euphrasia, voiced by Bethany Brown
  • Jay, voiced by Michael Adamthwaite
  • Jordana voiced by Diana Kaarina
  • Kai, voiced by Vincent Tong
  • Lloyd, voiced by Sam Vincent
  • Nya, voiced by Kelly Metzger
  • Ras, voiced by Brian Drummond
  • Sora voiced by Sabrina Pitre
  • Wyldfyre, voiced by Kazumi Evans
  • Zane, voiced by Brent Miller

The Plot Details of Ninjago Dragons Rising Season 2

The second season will bring forward a new threat from a familiar face. The details of it are still being kept under wraps. However, the silver lining is that our Ninjas will put up a good fight because they are trained never to quit. It’s time to brace ourselves for another epic battle.

Along with Ninjas, we’ll also see Lord Ras and Jordana back in their element. In a concise video, we saw the two navigating through Wyldness. But the reason behind this still needs to be revealed. Hence, this will likely be tied to the core plot.

Master Lloyd has revealed mysteries in the already disturbed realm. Source Dragons, Shatterspin, and a mysterious dragon master will soon be back on our screens to entertain us.

The mascot characters are none other than Kai and LEGO Egalt! Moreover, mallets and gongs shattering are the upcoming season’s collectable items.

Aside from this, we already know numerous realms have come together to form ‘The Merge.’ Given the unpredictability of this union, it was bound to crumble. Hence, to save the planet from utter destruction, a Spinjitzu Ninja Master trained a band of heroes. The primary role of the heroes is to find the Elemental Dragons before they get influenced by the evil forces who are trying everything in their power to cause harm to the planet.

Seeing the trio set on another expedition to search for the three precious Dragon Cores was interesting for the viewers. Because everything hinged on this mission’s success, they could stop the terrible Mergequakes if they succeeded. Along the way, the challenges and difficulties they encountered became a good base for the core plot of the show. But when everything was about to return to normal, Empress Beatrix managed to steal the Dragon Cores. Now, her main plan is to destroy the realms once and for all. How will the heroes tackle this issue? Hopefully, we’ll find out the consequences once the second season premieres.

Footage From Season 2 of Ninjago Dragons Rising

To grasp the sequel’s concept better, make sure to stream the following teaser:

There’s also footage of the duo, Jordana and Lord Ras, exploring the Forest of the Spirits (the set background) deep within the Wyldness. This minute-long video will be enough to quench your thirst for the second season right now!

That was everything you needed to know about Ninjago Dragons Rising Season 2. We’ll try our best to update this site in case of any new updates. So, remember to bookmark this page!


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