Moonfall Poster Shows a Crashing Moon in Roland Emmerich’s Disaster Epic

Welcome back Fam! Just like me if you are also a fan of sci-fi movies then this article is for you. Just like any other sci-fi fan if you’re waiting for an adventurous and full of suspense movie then Moonfal is for you.

And it won’t be wrong if we say if you are going to be all over the moon. Recently the movie’s marketing team had announced on Twitter a new poster sharing all the details about the released date of the movie.

In the recent image shared by the team, we could see 3, and if we are sure those 3 astronauts are the lead characters of the show. The three main leads of the show are Halle berries, Patrick Wilson and, John Bradley.

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The poster showed that these leads were all surrounded by stars and clouds. Above them, we could see a big moon covered by a solar flare and it looks like it is moving down.  As the poster was released the team had also written that in 2022 the entire mankind will see the dark side of the moon and this makes the series a lot more interesting than we could even think of.

This series is written in such a way that will cover us with fear of what must have happened on the moon and what does it dark side means. This also means that this film will make us think of the number of times the reference of  Pink Floyd‘s The dark side of the moon in the film.

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This movie is all set to be released directly in IMAX and theaters on the 4th of February.  Moonfall is going to show us a life-threatening story of a mishap that happened on the moon. The moon would be seen falling out of its orbit to a different entity.


And now we will have to see who is going to save the earth from being destroyed due to this impact. And then we will see Jo Fowler entering the room. He will now be working at a top position at NASA and undertook all the missions to save the earth from this dangerous situation.

Jo will be seen joining astronaut Brian Harper along with that theorist KC Houseman and these 3 work together to find out what is wrong with the moon and what has been going on.

The director of the movie is Roland Emmerich. He already has more than his share of explosive, and sci-fi films full of drama and with the most amazing dialogues that would stay in mind for ages.

And if we are looking at the portfolio of Emmerich and has the best of his works including the most loved movies such as Stargate, Independence Day, The day after tomorrow, and  Godzilla (1998). He is also famous for getting out of his comfort zone especially out of the sci-fi genre for filming the  Revolutionary War theme movie, The Patriots in 2000.

Moonfall is such an amazing series that will keep the audience all excited for the movie all along the way. This movie is a combination of humor and also will keep the suspense on of what is going on in the story.

We are going to see that the film’s such deadly energy with a constant fear of the world ending and also shows the conspiracy and how the team is divided on the moon and goes on with the mission. And this suspense bundled up together is going to give us an amazing story.

But ye we have to wait and watch for the movie to be out. Till then stay tuned with us for all mind-blowing updates about your favorite stars and your favorite shows.

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Amna Aslam
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