Money Heist Season 5 Isn’t Coming on Time

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) definitely has to be our all-time favorite Spanish show. The show features a spectacular gang of 8 members led by the Professor, a brilliant genius who uses his remarkable skills to plan out robberies with a twist. Despite an airtight plan, things go wrong, and the characters must adapt. Alas, they can complete their mission successfully but at a very high cost; the death of a few beloved members. The plot is unlike any other, and everyone who watches it is stunned by the story’s unraveling. The series really does know how to grab the viewer’s attention and has them hooked from the very beginning. Thus, it is no surprise that viewers are demanding another season. But are the producers going to comply? Will Money Heist Season 5 will premiere soon? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Money Heist Season 5. 

What is the plot of the first four seasons of Money Heist?

Let us quickly go through the events of the first four seasons to refresh our memories. 

The plot of Season 1 and 2 

The first two seasons are interlinked; they both feature the robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain.

The first season begins with the Professor rounding up eight people with nothing to lose and offering them a contract to get crazy rich in minimum time. The plan is to rob the Royal Mint of Spain by kidnapping a few dozen citizens, including the British Ambassador’s daughter, and printing €2.4 billion. The robbers must keep their identities and personal lives a secret.

They each take a name based on the cities of the world; Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Nairobi, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, and Oslo. Once they enter the Royal Mint, they begin printing the notes while also building an escape tunnel. While doing this, they have one rule; there should be no bloodshed.

However, the rule is broken, and people end up dying. While the robbers work inside the Mint, the Professor works from outside. He befriends Raquel, the National Police Corps inspector who is in charge of catching the thieves and stopping the robbery, to stay one step ahead of her. In the end, they even end up falling in love with each other.

The plan is foolproof, but things go wrong as each member makes mistakes. However, with backup plans and the Professor’s ability to find flexible solutions, the team can successfully print 984 million euros and escape, but they lose three team members; Oslo, Moscow, and Berlin. The plot is full of suspense, thrill, mystery, and love, and we can’t help but absolutely love the show.

Money Heist Season 5

The plot of Season Money Heist Season 3

All team members go their separate ways to enjoy their lives as millionaires who can get anything and everything they want. However, it all goes south when the Panama Authorities capture Rio. Now, they must all gather again to embark on a new heist; stealing the gold reserves of the Bank of Spain and getting Rio back. The professor also adds three new members to the team; Bogotá, Palermo, Marseille, and Raquel, and Monica.

The team manages to get Rio back by negotiating with the Police, Rio, in exchange for a few hostages. Amidst the chaos of the heist in the Bank, the Professor and Raquel run the mission from outside. However, at the end of Season 3, Raquel gets caught, and the Professor thinks that she is dead. He tells his gang to go to war with the authorities. Another tragedy that takes place during this season is Nairobi getting seriously injured by a bullet.

In charge of this case, the current police detective, Alicia Sierra, uses Nairobi’s son to draw her out and manages to hit her with a sniper. At the end of Season 3, the gang goes out and shoots all advancing police officers before going back in and locking themselves inside the bank again. 

The plot of Season 4 

Money Heist Season 5

Tokyo and Helsinki operate in Nairobi under the guidance of a Pakistani surgeon, Dr. Ahmed. However, the video call ends mid-surgery, and Tokyo and Helsinki must complete it on their own. They manage to heal her successfully, but she is captured by Gandia, one of the hostages, who offers to give her back to the team safely in exchange for his freedom. However, he does not stay true to his word and shoots her in the head.

The Professor also finds out that Raquel is alive and tries to get her free. To do this, he shows crimes committed by the police force, including torturing Rio and illegally keeping Raquel in a tent outside the Bank. He sends Marseille, a hitman, to Algeria to find footage of the torture done on Rio. The Professor releases this footage, and the police are forced to call off their plan to attack the bank. He then goes on the video to tell the people about the illegal capture of Raquel, and this forces the police to hand her over to the Ministry of Interior.

While Raquel is being transported to the courthouse, the Professor makes a plan to help her escape. He does this successfully, and Raquel can join the rest of the team inside the Bank of Spain.  Alicia, the detective in charge, was forced to blame these illegal police actions in a conference. However, she also ended up revealing other horrible crimes committed by the police. As a result, she is fired and now needs revenge. She can track down the professor and the season ends with her holding a gun against his head. 

Who are the main characters in the series?

Money Heist Season 5

Mentioned below are the most important characters in Money Heist. 

  • The Professor- The main mastermind of the show, which plans out the entire robbery and calls all the shots in the show.
  • Raquel- The police investigator responsible for stopping the first heist, but she falls in love with the Professor and ends up siding with him during the second heist.
  • Tokyo- One of the gang members who participate in both the heists.
  • Nairobi- One of the gang members who die due to a gunshot.
  • Berlin- The second in command who sacrifices his life in the second season to allow the rest of the members to escape.
  • Rio- An excellent hacker who is part of the gang.
  • Moscow- One of the gang members dies due to a gunshot.
  • Denver- The son of Moscow, who is also a part of the gang in both heists.
  • Helsinki- A Serbian  soldier who is part of the gang
  • Oslo- One of the gang members dies due to brain damage caused by a crowbar
  • Arturo- One of the hostages of the first heist who ends up getting caught in the second one as well
  • Alicia Sierra- The police investigator who is in charge of the second heist. She also ends up finding the Professor. 
  • Palermo- A gang member of the second heist who helps in freeing Gandia 
  • Marseille- The gang member of the second heist who captures footage of Rio’s torture
  • Bogotá- One of the gang members of the second heist who is in charge of melting the gold bricks

Where can you watch Money Heist Seasons 1-4?

All four seasons of Money Heist are available on Netflix. Although the show is originally in Spanish, Netflix offers a dubbed English version along with English subtitles. 

Will there be a Season 5 of Money Heist?

Keeping in mind the success of the first four seasons, it is no surprise that Netflix has renewed the series for a new season! Sadly, the official announcement also included that this would be the last season for the show.

Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist has broken many records, including the most-watched non-English show on Netflix! The series is an absolute favorite for people all around the globe!

Release Date of Money Heist Season 5

Unfortunately, we do not have an exact date for the release of Money Heist Season 5. However, the show is in production and may air sooner than you expect! In fact, rumors have it that Money Heist Season 5 may be premiering as soon as the end of 2021! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray that we get to watch the fifth season of this sensation show as soon as possible. 

What will happen in the fifth season?

The most important thing that viewers are curious about is what will happen to the Professor? Will Alicia capture him and hand him over to the police? Will the gang have to complete the robbery without the help of the Professor? Only time will tell. 

Moreover, the fifth season will feature the Professor and his gang executing mind-blowing robberies while overcoming any and every problem that comes their way. 

Final Verdict

Money Heist is a spectacular show that definitely deserves a fifth season, especially to tie the few loose strands left dangling in the fourth season. We are sure that the producers will exceed our expectations and will provide us with a season that will blow our minds and steal our hearts as always.


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