Minecraft 1.16 – What’s New in Minecraft Java Edition 1.16

Minecraft 1.16 is the most recent version of the Nether Update to the game’s Java Edition. It went live on June 23, 2020, and has been quite a hit biggest ever since. 

Minecraft 1.16 Major Updates:

The game has introduced four new biomes, four additional mobs, a variety of new blocks and a respawn anchor that allows the player to respawn at the Nether. The update also includes a netherite tier of equipment. 

New blocks:

A multitude of new blocks have been added to the Minecraft 1.16 game including

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  • Old Debris: This is most commonly found at lower altitudes in the Nether. You can even convert it into netherite scrap through smelting. It is fireproof. However, you will require a diamond or netherite pickaxe to mine it.
  • Basalt: Basalt is created by lava touching blue ice while flowing over soul soil. You can find it in soul sand valleys and basalt deltas. 
  • Blackstone: It has three different variants; brick slab, stair and wall. You can use it to build furnaces and tools made of stone. It is most commonly found in basalt deltas. 
  • Block of Netherite: You will need 9 netherite ingots to craft it. Like the Obsidion block, it has high blast resistance and strength. It can also be moved around using pistons.
  • Chain: To craft this, use 2 iron nuggets and 1 iron ingot. 
  • Chiselled Nether Bricks: It is a new nether brick variant made using two nether brick slabs.
  • Crying Obsidian: This block is used to generate respawn anchors. You can find it in ruined portals and bastion remnant loot chests. 
  • Respawn Anchor: Make this anchor using 6 Crying Obsidion and 3 Glowstones to set spawning points in the Nether. 
  • A few others are hyphae, weeping vines, target, soul torch, soul fire, lodestone and gilded Blackstone. 

New Mobs in Minecraft 1.16 Update:

Minecraft 1.16 has four new mobs; hoglins, piglins, striders and zoglins.

  • Hoglins: Hoglins spawn in crimson forests. This mob is quite hostile and includes babies and adults. Their health is 40❤️ × 20. Hoglins are hunted by adult Piglins so beware of them. Also, keep an eye out for warped fungi, nether portals and respawn anchors. They convert into Zoglins (but are immune to zombification) in the Overworld or the End.
  • Piglins: Piglins spawn in two different biomes; crimson forests and nether wastes. They have a health of 16 ❤️ x 8. This mob has passive babies but hostile adults that use wither skeletons. However, they won’t attack players with even a single piece of golden armour. But, they will attack all players, including those with golden armour if they are mining gold blocks or opening chests. To barter with them, throw a gold ingot near them. They will then pick it up and examine it and toss a random item at you. 
  • Subtype Piglin Brute: Piglin Brutes are Piglins that live in bastions. Moreover, they protect the treasures here. These piglins are not distracted by gold coins and are not scared of anything. They will attack players as soon as they see them even if they’re wearing gold armour.
  • Striders: Striders have a health of 20❤️ x 10. They are passive and don’t attack other mobs. In addition to this, you can even control them using a warped fungus on a stick. Striders move fastest in lava and undergo damage by water and rain. They spawn in the Nether on lava oceans. Furthermore, this enemy can also generate with baby striders and zombified piglins riding them. 
  • Zoglins: Their health is 40 ❤️ x 20. They are a zombified version of the hoglin. Zoglins are generated when a hoglins enter the Overworld. They can’t be bred or fed. 


Following are the new biomes added in this update:

  • Basalt Deltas: This is a volcanic biome that has a lot of basalt pillars and black stones. The air in this biome is ash like grey. Ghasts, Magma cubes and striders spawn in this region of the Nether.
  • Crimson Forests: This region is a dense forest surrounded by huge crimson fungi. Weeping vines, Nether Wart blocks and fungi are distributed widely in this biome. Zombified piglin, piglin and hoglin mobs spawn here.
  • Soul Sand Valleys: This biome is full of nether fossils, soul sand, soul soil, soul fire and blue fog. Skeletons, ghasts and endermen spawn in Soul Sand Valleys.
  • Warped Forests: This biome is very similar to the Crimson Forests. However, instead of crimson fungi, it is surrounded by blue fungi. The vegetation is a little different too. It spawns Endermen and Striders. 


The game developers have also added 11 new advancements to the game. They are as Follows.

  • Bullseye
  • Hidden in the depths
  • Cover me in Debris
  • Country Lode, Take me Home
  • Who is cutting onions?
  • Not Quite “Nine” Lives
  • This Boat Has Legs
  • Hot Tourist Destinations
  • Those Were The Days
  • War Pigs
  • Oh Shiny

After updating to Minecraft 1.16 version, all of these advancements are available through the Nether tab except the Bullseye advancement. To access it, go to the Adventure tab.

So, are you planning to try out the new Minecraft 1.16 update? Let us know in the comments section below!


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