Enderman: Things You Didn’t Know About Minecraft Enderman

Enderman is a neutral mob in Minecraft that have long legs and arms and purple eyes. Each enderman is three blocks tall. These mobs will only attack if the players make direct eye contact or attack them first.

Spawning of Enderman

Endermen spawn in specific light levels of 7 or below and in spaces that are three blocks high. Moreover, they rarely spawn on land and in caves in groups of two or less and only at night time. In addition to this, these endermen might breed in nether wastes, soul sand valleys and warped forests at any time. The most commonplace of their spawning is the end where they can spawn in a group of up to four.



Endermen can emit purple particles. On top of this, when an enderman is alone, it makes weird noises to attract prey.

Furthermore, these mobs can teleport. If a player stares at the enderman at the right spot above his upper legs, he gets alerted and immediately hostile towards the player. First, the endermen will make a screeching noise and then teleport towards the player.

These endermen will continue to attack until either one of them has died or until anything else grab their attention. Nevertheless, if the player is wearing a pumpkin on his head, he will be safe from the hands of enderman. The endermen also has a special ability to take off a player’s pumpkin.

Endermen also attack ender mites that have spawned from ender pearl teleportation. Although sometimes, instead of attacking the ender mite, the enderman will attack a player nearby. In such cases, it does not matter that the player did not provoke enderman.

Enderman drop ender pearl.

How to Protect Yourself from Enderman?

Following are some of the ways by which you can protect yourself:

  • Wear a carved pumpkin as a helmet. It will allow you to stare at enderman without even realising it. On the contrary, there is no point in wearing a pumpkin after provoking the enderman.
  • Build houses in places that are surrounded by water or lava. It is advised because water and lava can provide melee damage to the mobs, making them neutral immediately.
  • Endermen are three blocks tall. If the ceiling of your house is two blocks tall, endermen can not enter.
  • Have glass windows and look through them if you want to look at endermen without provoking them.
  • If an enderman is hostile, fight against it with a bucket of water.
  • Players can also trap them by putting up cobwebs.
  • Since endermen can teleport, it would be smart to stand in a corner so that he is unable to attack from behind.

Damaging Endermen

Attack endermen exactly when they teleport. They take damage by melee attacks, water, splash water bottles, rain and lava.  


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