Luke Brooks Cause of Death: 27-Year-Old’s Death May Have Been Caused by Mould, Expert Says

Luke Brooks’ cause of death has taken the internet by storm again after almost a year since his death. An acute respiratory distress syndrome claimed his life on October 25th, 2022, at his family’s Oldham house, which was discovered to be heavily mould-infested. Luke Brooks’ untimely demise has substantially dismayed his well-wishers. His acquaintances want to learn everything about his cause of death. At 27, Brooks, one of the most loved members of his community, left many in mourning over his sudden departure from life. Keep reading the article to explore the circumstances surrounding his death.

Luke Brooks Cause of Death

Luke Brooks’ cause of death was acute respiratory distress syndrome, fostered by Aspergillus pneumonia. In light of the autopsy report, a pathologist, Dr. Ganjifrockwala, explained that a mould in the young man’s lungs was aspergillus which triggered the malfunctioning of the lungs, eventually claiming Brooks’ life.

He told an inquest that Luke Brooks’ parents, Patricia and James, inculpated the furry growth of fungal hyphae for their son’s death at their residence in Oldham, Greater Manchester. Mould and dampness are widely known for causing respiratory tract infections, allergies, and asthma. Humans are more likely to develop pneumonia after contact with mould.

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Luke Brooks Cause of Death: 27-Year-Old's Death May Have Been Caused by Mould, Expert Says
Luke Brooks Cause of Death: 27-Year-Old’s Death May Have Been Caused by Mould, Expert Says

Luke Brooks Cause of Death: His Case at Rochdale Coroners’ Court

Joanne Kearsley, a senior coroner at Rochdale Coroners’ Court, opened an inquest into Luke Brooks’ tragic demise and suggested that his death cause is provisional at this stage; Brooks’ acute respiratory distress syndrome occurred due to mould-caused pneumonia.

Likewise, the respected coroner presided over another case of two-year-old Awaab Ishak in 2020. He died after mould exposure at his parent’s housing association flat in Rochdale. Luke Brooks’ case shocked the coroner and residents of the same locale, signifying the alarming situation.

Furthermore, it was discovered in the hearing that the unfortunate boy had been residing there with his family for eight years. His parents revealed to the court that he was a ‘fit lad’ before his terminal disease, and they were filing complaints about the dilapidated condition of the property.

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Paul Lever’s Take on Luke Brooks’ Cause of Death

Paul Lever, a police coroner’s officer at GMP, shared in court that Luke lived with his parents and spent significant time playing video games in his room. He also mentioned that Luke had left the house a few times.

Furthermore, Mr. Lever explained that a few days before Luke’s passing, he experienced shortness of breath, felt weak, had a sore throat, coughed, and developed a rash. In the courtroom, it was also revealed that Luke had attempted to see his GP because of his deteriorating health, but he could not get an appointment. Eventually, he contacted the NHS 111 service, which suggested he might have a viral infection and advised him to take ibuprofen.

Mr. Lever testified that Luke’s breathing troubles returned on October 25th, 2022. He had a seizure in his bed later that day and eventually stopped breathing. Sadly, Luke Brooks, a guy full of life, enthusiasm, and passion, was declared deceased.

A Visit to the Site of Danger

The police in Greater Manchester have confirmed that they are investigating the death. Moreover, a detective named Judith Holmes informed Ms. Kearsley that they would talk to the landlord during the ongoing investigation. However, the landlord’s name was not revealed in court.

A microbiologist or a scientist specializing in studying tiny organisms will examine the property to look for aspergillus, a type of mould, as this mould has been connected to pneumonia that Mr. Brooks had before he passed away, according to an examination done after his death. However, this examination indicated that the condition was caused by living in a mould-infested place, leading to a severe breathing problem called acute respiratory distress syndrome after pneumonia developed.

Additionally, DI Holmes explained to the court that on November 1st, police officers and officials from the Oldham Council’s environmental health department visited the property. The council had pictures of the home and noticed that some cleaning had been done between October 25th and the visit on November 1st. Luke’s room had been cleaned by then but was still untidy. There was a small area of mould above a radiator, and animals were present at the property.

The Oldham Council had come to the house because the family had complained to them. A private landlord owns the house, and the family has lived there for about eight years. DI Holmes also mentioned that the landlord had been asked to renovate the home, fixing the damages.

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