Love, Victor Season 3 Release Date, Character, Trailer And More Updates!

The popular queer teens are coming back very soon because the third season of Love, Victor has been confirmed to release in 2022. Victor Salazar will yet return on Hulu and Disney Plus. But along with him which other characters will return in Love, Victor Season 3? Well to find out, continue reading the article!

The show is about Victor and how he came to terms with who he was. Moreover, it also entails all the emotions he went through while he came out to different people in his life. The second season ended on a major cliffhanger so a third season was inevitable.

The first season was spent exploring Victor’s character while the second one dealt with Victor’s family and friends who themselves went through major changes. But amongst all this, Victor learned to grow despite difficulties and became a strong queer man who did not fear those who weren’t ready to accept him. But that was all about the previous two seasons. What can you expect from Love, Victor Season 3?

By the end of the second season, there were three main relationships. And one of them was almost on the brink of ending it all. This one has the potential of making the third season spicier. The sequel also introduced a new character. But before we begin to tell you about them make sure that you have streamed the previous two seasons. As the following article contains major spoilers. 

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There is a tough decision for Victor to make. Who will he choose to stay with? Rahim or Benji? He had an equally interesting time with both and that is what is worrying him. Most likely this issue will be solved in the upcoming season of Love, Victor. For those of you who don’t know this show is inspired by Love, Simon. Which is also a movie about a queer teen and his journey in accepting himself.

Release Date

The previous two seasons of Love, Victor released around June and July. While the threequel has been renewed officially it still lacks an official release date. However, expect it to be released somewhere around June of 2022. If this is the case then we must be getting the official announcements anytime soon. If you want to stay updated on this matter make sure to bookmark this page as we’ll update this page immediately if we get any leads on the matter!

The pandemic got in the way of the casting hence the third season hasn’t premiered yet. Neither do we know how many episodes it will have. But one thing’s for sure that it will definitely come out in this year only! So, that is a relief. 

Love, Victor Season 3
Love, Victor Season 3


All major cast members are expected to return for Love, Victor Season 3. Rahim (Anthony Keyvan) and Lucy (Ava Capri) will both star in the upcoming season because the story now demands more of their screen time. Along with them, Michael Cimino will feature in the titular role of Victor Salazar.

Others who will be returning include:

  • James Martinez and Ana Ortiz as Victor’s parents
  • Armando and Isabel
  • Isabella Ferreira and Mateo Fernandez as siblings Pilar and Adrian.
  • Anthony Turpel as Felix
  • Bebe Wood as Lake Meriwether
  • Rachel Hilson as Mia Brooks
  • Mason Gooding as Jock Andrew

There might be a few more additions to the cast. But we’ll only know about them once the third season gets a trailer. So, for that, we’ll have to wait patiently. 


There are no official details about the plot of Love, Victor Season 3 yet. However, the story will yet again revolve around Victor and him trying his best to not ruin his life which just got better. Of course, his love life will take a toll on his mental health. But hopefully, Victor gets out of it easily. 

Other relationships might get a chance to flourish. For example, Isabel and Armando’s marriage will be making a comeback in the threequel. Pilar and Felix plus Lake and Lucy also have their love lives waiting for them! So, it seems like the third season is going to be an interesting one for all characters. 


When the renewal for the third season was announced Hulu revealed a compilation of clips of the characters. And as far as the official trailer for Love, Victor Season 3 is concerned you’ll have to wait a bit longer for it. But hopefully, this prolonged wait will be worth it. For more updates regarding the threequel stay tuned! 

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