Little Witch Nobeta Will Hit the PS4 and Switch in March 2023

Little Witch Nobeta will roll out on Switch and PlayStation on March 7 in Europe and North America. Idea Factory International has announced the same. You can lay your hands on the standard edition of physical and digital copies, which will cost you $49.99. A physical limited edition for gamers in North America and Europe is priced at $129.99. The limited edition will include the following:

  • Copy of the game 
  • Steel game case (Nintendo Switch Case: 6.7″ X 4.14 “X 0.40″ and PlayStation 4 Case: 7.4” X 5.12 “X 0.63”)
  • Hardcover art book “Compendium of Crafted Souls” (108 pages) 
  • Original soundtrack CD 
  • Reversible cover sleeve
  • Pop-up card (Includes envelope, size: 6.25″ X 9″) 
  • Collector’s box (Size: 7.1″ X 8.7″ X 2.1″)
  • Sleeping Nobeta plushie (Seated height from bottom to head: 6.3″) 
  • Trading Card
  • Keep reading to find out more about the game. 
Little Witch Nobeta Will Hit the PS4 and Switch in March 2023
Little Witch Nobeta Will Hit the PS4 and Switch in March 2023

Is Little Witch Nobeta Available For Preorder?

Currently, Little Witch Nobeta is unavailable for preorder. However, the preorder will begin on January 27. 

Is Little Witch Nobeta Already Launched?

Yes, Little Witch Nobeta has been launched. However, it is currently unavailable in Europe and North America. The game was launched on June 24, 2022, for PC via Stream. Later, a full stream was launched for PlayStation 4 and Switch in Asia and Japan. It was made available for PC across the globe via stream on September 29 last year. 

The subtitle options that the Asia and Japanese release support are:

  • Japanese 
  • Korean 
  • English 
  • Traditional Chinese 
  • Simplified Chinese

More About Little Witch Nobeta

The game revolves around Nobeta, a little witch. To solve the mystery of her existence, she comes to an ancient cattle house where she sheets a mysterious black cat. In the castle, she learns about her abilities and magic spells which come in handy for her to fight future danger. Also, secrets are hidden in the cast. The players need to play the game to uncover these secrets. 

It is a 3D action shooter gamer. The local developers in Taiwan made the game. 

What Is The Development Roadmap Of The Game?

The development of the game began in June 2017. In January 2019, the gamers released the demo, which housed one stage, enemy, and boss. The game’s early access launch featuring two stages, ten enemies, three bosses, and one hidden stage happened in June 2020. Later, the developers evaluated the players’ feedback in July and August of the same year.  

The Pathless System Requirements: Can Your System Handle The Game?

In September 2020, the game introduced the following characters: Tania, Monica, Vanessa, Nobeta, and Black Cat. In 2021, the developers focused on boss modeling and design’s 4th, 5th, and 6th stage. In March, global publishers were confirmed. In July and August, the dubbing for the game was completed. The voice cast includes the following names:

  • Kanomi Kohara as Nobeta 
  • Omaru Polka as Tania 
  • Shirakami Fubuki as Monica 
  • Shirogane Noel as Vanessa

In September 2021, the game underwent multi-platform development. The optimization began in October, and in the next month, the symphony track was recorded. 

The next few months went into stage area completion, which was finally completed in March 2022. Further additional system implementation took place in April 2022. Finally, Little Witch Nobeta was launched on June 24, 2022. 

Key Features of Little Witch Nobeta

Stronger and Faster Witch: The castle that Novita visits is filled with giant monsters. As the player presses in the game, the difficulty level increase. Therefore, the player also needs to focus on strengthening the character too. To enhance the ability, the players need to collect Soul Essences which they can acquire from defeated enemies. 

Crafty: Crafted Souls in the game represent the bosses. They pose a considerable challenge for Nobita. Furthermore, defeating them is a challenging task. The players must devise a strategy to beat them and work on their fight moves. The key to defeating the boss lies in dodging the attack and taking control of the battle. 

Magical Mystery Tour: The player will find many blocked paths throughout the game’s journey. However, the players can unlock these paths. For the same, the player needs to solve the puzzles, which require mastering elemental magics. Most often, the block path houses hidden treasures. 

Discover The Truth: Collecting different items in the castle will finally help the player to know more about the dark and mysterious world of the game. 

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