Parasite’s Actor Lee Sun-kyun Found Dead in South Korea

Starting on October 28, 2023, the actor Lee Sun-kyun, known for his role in the Oscar-winning film Parasite, underwent three rounds of police investigation regarding alleged drug use until his passing. However, maintaining his innocence, he explained that he had mistakenly taken sleeping pills, believing them to be drugs provided by a hostess. Fast forward to December 27, 2023, and official authorities confirmed that the actor was found dead in his vehicle. The factors surrounding Lee Sun kyun cause of death are discussed below.

Lee Sun Kyun Cause of Death

The police concluded that Lee Sun Kyun cause of death was apparent suicide due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The actor was found lifeless in his vehicle parked near a city park on Wednesday, said Jeon Yu-Leung, the chief detective at Seongbuk police station, which is investigating his death. Lee Sun Kyun was found with a charcoal briquette in his passenger seat. 

Prior to the discovery of the actor’s death, the police received a report indicating that he had left a note at home, described as a suicide letter. His body was then taken to Seoul National University Hospital for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. However, the family declined the procedure, and the actor is confirmed to be buried on Friday.

Lee Sun-kyun Cause of Death
Parasite’s Actor Lee Sun-kyun Found Dead in South Korea

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The actor’s body was also tested for drugs. However, as per the report, no traces of drugs were found in his system. The police expressed their regret over the actor’s death, and an investigation was being conducted with his consent.

Moreover, he was suspected of taking drugs like marijuana and ketamine with a hostess at a bar. Furthermore, the actor stated that he did not know the substances. Contrary to his words, the hostess disclosed that Sun-kyun had used drugs at her home on multiple occasions. In response, the actor requested a lie detector test.

Lee’s agency, HODU&U Entertainment, released a statement following his death: “There is no way to contain the sorrow and despair. We respectfully ask that you refrain from spreading false facts based on speculation… so that [Lee’s] final journey will not be unfair.

As news of the actor’s death spread online, numerous individuals expressed their grievances. Undoubtedly, he significantly contributed to elevating the Korean film industry during his active years, particularly with his impactful role in Parasite. His hard work was not only applauded locally but also acknowledged at a global level. Now, the actor is survived by his wife, Jeon Hye-jin, two sons, and siblings. 

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Lee Sun Kyun Before Death

Before the drug case, Lee Sun-kyun had a transparent reputation in the Korean industry. However, this recent case was a massive blow to this image, exposing the actor’s dark past to the public. He apologized to the public, saying, “I feel sorry for my family, which is enduring such difficult pain at this moment.

After one of his investigation trials, which lasted for 19 hours, he told the reporters, “I ask that the police make a good judgment about whose side’s statements are credible between me and the blackmailers.”

Following the scandal, he was dropped from a mystery TV series, ‘No Way Out,’ that began shooting in October. Local businesses and brands had taken down his advertisements. 

In a country like Korea, where public tolerance for illegal drug use is extremely low, Sun-kyun was well aware of the severe consequences that could arise from the case’s public exposure. Drug offenses, including marijuana consumption, are considered crimes under the state’s law and can lead to imprisonment for up to five years.

Unfortunately, Lee Sun-kyun is not the only Korean artist involved in a drug abuse case. Recently, G-Dragon, a prominent member of the South Korean K-pop group Big Bang, was cleared of drug allegations after weeks of investigation.

This ends our coverage of Lee Sun Kyun cause of death. As the case is relatively fresh, we expect more insights into it. So, stay connected.

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