Former NBA Player And Executive Lance Blanks Cause Of Death Revealed

Lance Blanks, a big name in the basketball world, died on May 3, 2023, leaving behind a legacy. His death broke the hearts of his fans, who are now wondering what is Lance Blanks cause of death. After all, there was no news regarding him being ill before his untimely death. 

Lance Blanks Cause Of Death

Lance Blanks Cause of Death was suicide, Riley Blanks Reed disclosed her father’s cause of death in an emotional interview on ESPN. His death was confirmed by the NBA on Thursday, but no details regarding Lance Blanks cause of death were shared earlier.

However, before the revealation of Lance Blanks cause of death as suicide, it was rumored that he died in a car accident on a Texas highway. Moreover, it was said the car was not harmed. There is no official announcement that supports this.

Lance Blanks Cause Of Death Former NBA Player And Executive Dies At 56
Lance Blanks Cause Of Death Former NBA Player And Executive Dies At 56

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Career and Early Life

The basketball star was born in Del Rio, Texas, on September 9, 1966. He has always shown interest in becoming a professional basketball player. Blanks, in his collegiate years, played at the University of Virginia and the University of Texas at Austin. Blanks joined the Longhorns for the 1988-89 and 1989-90 seasons, making his mark on the team.

In the 1990 NBA Draft, he was selected by the Detroit Pistons, and this began his professional career. In 2007, Lance Blanks was honoured with induction into the Longhorn Hall of Honor. This became one of the milestones in his successful career as an athlete.

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Overall, he played in the NBA for the Detroit Pistons and Minnesota Timberwolves for three seasons. He then played internationally for seven seasons. 

After he retired from the team as a player, he chose to join Cleveland Cavaliers as an assistant general manager. He worked with them for five years before landing the position of general manager of Phoenix Suns. He also worked as an ESPN analyst for the Longhorn Network.

Personal Life

Blanks came from a family of very talented athletes. His father, Sid Blanks, was an AFL/NFL player and the first-ever black basketball player to join Lone Star Conference. His cousin Larvell Blanks, was a Major League Baseball infielder, and Lance’s daughter Riley Blanks was a part of the tennis team at the University of Virginia.

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Blanks is survived by his mother, brother, wife, Rainee and two daughters, Riley and Bryn. His daughter Riley expressed grief at the loss of her father. She wrote, “The love I have for him is simply immeasurable. He carried his family and friends on his selfless shoulders, and he was the wisest man I’ll ever know. The path ahead is dark without him, but he once told me that he trusted my sister and me to carry the torch of our family’s legacy. And we will.”

Although Lance Blanks cause of death is unknown, his demise was still a shock for the public and came with great sorrow. His services to the basketball world will always remain in the hearts of his fans.

Our condolences are with Lance Blanks’s family.


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