Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Are “connected” as They Expect Baby No. 2

Recently it has been known to all that Kylie Jenner is expecting her second child with her boyfriend Travis Scott as multiple sources exclusively reveal to Page Six that the 24-year-old billionaire is expecting her second child with on-again, off-again boyfriend Travis Scott.

Stormi, Jenner’s 3-year-old daughter, is the only child of the couple and Jenner has expressed her desire for a sibling for Stormi and certainly they are blessed with a sibling for Stormi.

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According to a source and other news channels, it has been revealed that the entire family is extremely happy and Caitlyn Jenner has raised excitement on Thursday when she announced she was expecting another grandchild but it turned out to be about her son Burt Jenner who is expecting his third kid with partner Valerie Pitalo.

During an interview for Harper’s Bazaar’s March 2020, the makeup artist was asked about Stormi having a sister and said that my friends all pressure me about it and Stormi is loved by them. I am under a lot of pressure to give her a brother but there is no strategy in place right now for her sibling.

What Kylie Jenner Revealed in the Question-Answer Session? 

In a recent interview with Stassie, she revealed that she wants seven kids down the line but not right now as she said on her BFF Stassie Karanikolaou #DoYourPart Instagram Live series. Pregnancy is not a joke, it is a serious matter that is difficult, she revealed.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

I am still not ready for it yet. Kylie, who started dating Scott in April 2017, kept her first pregnancy a secret for the first nine months of her pregnancy, only announcing Stormi’s arrival after she had given birth.

I shared so much of my life and she eventually explained it to Andy Cohen. She said she was also really young when she became pregnant, and it was simply too much for her. She did not sure how I would bring it to the public’s attention and get everyone’s feedback.

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I believe that was simply something I needed to go through on my own. This is just a hypothesis and I have never been pregnant and I am sure there are studies on this but I think that the more at peace you are when pregnant, that goes into your child, Kendall Jenner agreed.

She said she believed it is a reflection of her daughter today and how great and beautiful she is, that Kylie was so at peace during her pregnancy. She genuinely thinks it was the finest choice by her and Travis Scott. Kylie did not leave the house to protect herself and her unborn child, according to big sister Kim Kardashian, who has four children with separated husband Kanye West.

How Paparazzi Disturbed Her Routine and Followed Everywhere? 

There were moments when we were pregnant and driving, and paparazzi would almost collide into our cars just to get a picture of her and her unborn child. She revealed this in an interview. Kylie truly wanted that time to be private to protect her and the baby’s safety.

Kylie revealed she was annoyed by the paparazzi even when staying at home for months, revealing paparazzi stayed around my house and my neighborhood. Then, as the work progressed there would be helicopters every day as she could not even step outside because they would be photographing all of my deliveries.

This summer, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner triggered pregnancy rumors when she walked out in an absurdly large shirt while in Idaho. Jenner also posted a photo of her sushi order, which appeared to be entirely made up of avocado rolls with no raw fish.

Fans were very quick to respond as one of them wrote and posted that “Kylie is eating sushi sans fish and she is pregnant.” Kylie then posted a photo of a cocktail on her Instagram Stories, adding that it was nothing like a lychee martini, and shared a photo of raw fish ceviche, seemingly to throw her supporters off and allow them to stay away from all this.

Later on, a follower posted that she is definitely consuming it by sharing an emoji of being wondered and surprised. For more recent updates and information, you can stay in touch with us.

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