Will There be Kings Of Jo’burg Season 3?

Kings of Jo’burg Season 3 might happen! After the second season’s release on January 27, 2023, if you are interested in the fate of Kings of Jo’burg Season 3, you have hit the right post. The second season is currently streaming on Netflix. It is a South African series that became a huge success on Netflix. The first episode aired in 2020. Unfortunately, the sole creator of the series passed away in 2021 due to Covid. Therefore, things went downhill for the series. It also created an air of uncertainty for the series. However, Connie Ferguson, the wife of Shona Ferguson, the creator of the series, took back control and was the primary force behind the second season. 

Kings of Jo’burg Season 3: Release Date

The second season was out just a month back. Therefore, there needs to be more time to comment on the reception of the series. However, considering the popularity of the series, there is a considerable probability that it will receive a renewal of Kings of Jo’burg Season 3. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. Only after Netflix reviews the reception of the second season will they decide its fate. Therefore, let us keep our fingers crossed. 

It is crucial to know about the reception of Kings of Jo’burg Season 2 to understand whether a Kings of Jo’burg Season 3 is in place. It is not a secret that things are extremely difficult for the series’ creative team after the death of Shona Ferguson. However, things are now back in control. 

The first season was successful, and it won’t be wrong to say the second season is also a success. Again, the creative team critically brought Mo into the center of the series and made things interesting for the viewers. 

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Viewers believe that even though the series has a great concept, the execution of the same could be better. Furthermore, the connection between the storyline could be more robust. Many users also added that the supernatural storyline looks very gimmicky. Moreover, many believe there are ample loopholes in the story. Interestingly, most of these reviews are for the first season, and despite such negative feedback, Netflix went ahead with the second season. Therefore, it might also consider Kings of Jo’burg Season 3. 

Will There be Kings Of Jo’burg Season 3?
Will There be Kings Of Jo’burg Season 3?


If Kings of Jo’burg Season 3 happens, we expect the following cast in the season. 

  • Shona Ferguson 
  • Zolisa Xaluva 
  • Tsholofelo Matshaba 
  • Sello Sebostsane 
  • Buhle Samuels 
  • THembi Seete 
  • TK Sebothoma 
  • Cindy Mahlangu 
  • Lunathi Mampofu 
  • Abdil Khoza 
  • Connie Ferguson


If Kings of Jo’burg Season 3 happens, it will pick up from the second season’s ending. The series revolves around the Masire brother, who rules the criminal underworld of Johannesburg. Then, however, things take an exciting turn with the influence of a supernatural family curse.

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Kings of Jo’burg Season 3; Trailer 

Kings of Jo’burg Season 3 is not officially confirmed. Therefore, we have yet to get a trailer. We will have to wait a long time to lay our hands on Kings of Jo’burg Season 3. It is because the series will first receive a renewal. Consequently, the filming will give the makers an idea about the release date. Only an official release date is available, and a substantial part of Kings of Jo’burg Season 3 is filmed; the makers will roll out the trailer. 

Where To Watch Kings of Jo’burg Season 3?

If Kings of Jo’burg Season 3 happens, you can watch the same on Netflix. Currently, the first two seasons of the series are streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, you should try the first episode. 

What are the chances of Kings of Jo’burg Season 3 happening? Let us know in the comment section below.

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