Kingdom Hearts Switch Cloud Release Date Announced [Latest News]

Welcome back fam! Today we are here to discuss this amazing game which was just announced by Square Enix. They have announced that Kingdom Hearts is going to be released on the 10th of February on the Nintendo switch.

The game is completely cloud-based and can be either bought individually or in a big bundle worth $90. So if you are a fan of kingdom hearts then is the best time to get your hands on the game as of now. If you are having this game pre-book at Nintendo then the price would cost you $72.

If I was in your place I would have bought it right away! And for all the people who are not familiar with this game yet then you can check out all the Demos available for this game on the official website. 

What Is the Price Range of the Game Series Available on Nintendo?

If you are wondering about the price for the two packs which includes the remix of Kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5, it would cost an individual a total of $40.

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The final chapter of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 would cost a total of $50 and Kingdom Hearts III with the DLC reminder would cost around $50 as well. 

All the games which will be released are in HD and these games will be the remastered edition of PlayStation. And along with that, they are also cloud-based which has made this gaming more effective and much more intriguing to play.

What has gathered various kinds of reactions from fans: some of the fans said they prefer to have different ports to the switch and some also have been facing a lot of streaming issues due to internet connection. 

Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts

It was also explained by Square Enix that they have decided to make Kingdom hearts cloud-based along with the Nintendo life. The producer of the game also said that the company wished to bring this game series to the Nintendo Switch as it was in high demand from the fans.

However, it was very difficult to do so because the game previously didn’t have much of the storage capacity to be played in that hardware, and also it had various other reasons as well.

Everything You Need to Know About Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a role play fantasy action game. This game is developed by Square Enix along with Walt Disney. The 1st part of the game series was released in the year 2002 and is mostly centered around the main character, Sora.

He would be going on a search to look out for his friends who would be missing. All the friends who would be missing include Kairi and Riku along with other Disney characters in defeat the Heartless.

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And with the game series going on further each installment of the series would add to a completely different part of the Kingdom Hearts. Series was accepted very positively all over the world and had the huge fan base of this series and started their trading cards television and print the deceased had even won a lot of awards for the game.

Kingdom Hearts had gained a lot of popularity in the entire gaming industry last year when Sora showed his superpowers in the game that had gained the entire fanbase to an extent.

So do not forget to watch this series to play the game and share your views with us till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite games and favorite character.


Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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