2 Chainz’s New Album Dope Don’t Sell Itself: Expected Release Date & Updates!

Welcome back Fam! Or I should say all the music lovers. So have you heard it yet? No? 2 Chainz is back once again with a new single track. Yes! You read it right! The music track is named, “Million Dollars Worth of Game.

Other than that this music track has featured 42 Dugg. This single track or we can say the hook-laden track is followed by a music video that will be having a couple wearing gold jewelry walking around in a huge expensive mansion. The music video also features MoneyBagg Yo and BeatKing.

The music track will be released on the rapper’s newest album which is called dope don’t Sell It. This music track is expected to be out within this month.

However according to the recently released album of 2 Chainz he had shared on Twitter sharing that this is the minimum he knows. And he is back with something very new and exotic.

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He also added that he was not being able to create new albums in recent times and it has been a long time since his album has been released.  He has been in a constant teacher-student phase all this time. Other than that the exact releasing date for this album has not yet been announced by the maker. 

2 Chainz Announced “Dope Don’t Sell Itself” Release Date

It was announced by 2 Chainz that he was going to reveal a new album for the upcoming month.  He also announced that this album is going to be his last dope boy track today.

After the announcement 2 Chainz had finally released the first single from that album along with the assistance of the 42 dugg. The track was named “Million dollars worth of game”. For now, the release date of this album is the 4th of February and we are hopeful that this amazing single would not be delayed in any way.

2 Chainz
2 Chainz

As per the reports, the timing for the release date of this track couldn’t match with any of their scheduled concerts of his.

We had a lot of concerts already planned for the year such as the tour of Legends of the streets which was going to be held in Columbus, and another tour with Lil Kim, Jeezy, Rick Ross, and Gucci Mane which was going to be held in Georgia.

Along with the release of the album to change it also has a lot of exclusive sales on its website which includes some lithographs, autographed CDS, and a lot more things. All the fans cannot wait to be listening to this track.

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The highly expected music of 2 Chainz is going to be a big blockbuster. All The Rappers are looking forward to this music.

This track is a part of the rapper who is self-made and is a very highly talented trap artist. For now, we are not sure what this means for the anticipated future of 2 Chainz. However, we just hope that 2 Chainz is back with more amazing tracks as such.

Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite tracks and your favorite start!


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Marie Foster
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