Julian McMahon has left FBI Most Wanted in Season 3, Episode 14 as Jess Dies

The fans of FBI Most Wanted are sad to hear that it’s the end for the character of Julian McMahon. We found out about the departure of the character after he was shot dead on Tuesday’s episode. 

Julian McMahon’s character died while pursuing a domestic abuser. However, earlier in January, Julian McMahon had announced that he had left the show after season 3. What we didn’t know was that his character would die in such a way. 

The scene of Julian McMahon’s demise left many fans in tears. This was not the end they had expected for his character. 

To give the fans of this series some closure, we will discuss some views of the producer of the show. Give this article a read to find out more about Julian McMahon’s characters’ death. 

Other than killing Julian McMahon, what were the other options?

The producers stated that they had known that Julian McMahon was leaving the show. Therefore, they had thought about various options for his exit. 

He further stated in the end; the panel thought that Julian McMahon’s character chases the deadliest people. Hence, it would be more realistic if his character got shot. This is why they chose this exit for him. 

Why did Julian McMahon leave the country?

Why did Julian McMahon leave the country?
Why did Julian McMahon leave the country?

To this question, the producer stated that Julian McMahon wanted to pursue other things. He further stated that the whole team of the show respects his decision and wishes him luck. 

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Who took Julian’s death the hardest?

The producer stated that Hanna and Barnes had been a part of the team since the start. Therefore, they probably took the death of this character the hardest. 

However, he further stated that it would be interesting to see these characters mourn the loss of Julian McMahon’s character. According to him, people mourn in different ways, and the next two episodes will show how each character mourns. 

Also, he stated that the upcoming episodes would show how everyone’s life works without the character of Julian McMahon in it. 

What is going to happen without the character of Julian McMahon?

What is going to happen without the character of Julian McMahon?
What is going to happen without the character of Julian McMahon?

The producer stated that he always closes a chapter and then starts a new one. He will do the same thing now. He stated that the show is there to get someone justice every day – it is all about the drama.

Hence, he stated that fans should see how Dylan does as the in charge. He believes it will be different and better and probably fun. 

Will other shows be affected by this show?

He stated that Isobel from the FBI will be there in the next episode. This is because she is Julian McMahon’s on-screen girlfriend.

He also said that some kind of effect could be expected as the universes are connected. These effects can be both good and bad. 

The demise of Julian McMahon’s character is indeed sad. Fans wanted to get insights on this. Therefore, we hope reading all of this has helped the fans of Julian McMahon.

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