Memphis Wrestler and Promoter Jerry Jarrett Dies: Jerry Jarrett Cause of Death Was a Heart Attack

On February 14, 2023, wrestling legend Jerry Jarrett died at 80 in Tennessee, United States of America. The whole wrestling world is eager to know and understand Jerry Jarrett cause of death.

Jerry had left a remarkable impact on the wrestling world. In the 1960s, he haphazardly started his career as a referee. However, with his friend—Tojo Yamamoto’s support and veteran wrestler Sailor Moran, Jerry emerged as a professional wrestler and chiefly performed for NWA Mid-America. Jerry’s career consists of several years both as a wrestler and promoter. He is also well-known for founding the Memphis-based Continental Wrestling Association in 1977.

Memphis wrestling historian Mark James broke the news of Jerry Jarrett’s passing on Twitter. However, he didn’t reveal Jerry Jarrett cause of death. Later, Pro Wrestling Insider confirmed this unfortunate news. Also, the wrestling veteran Dutch Mantell shared his condolences to the Jarrett family via Twitter.

What Is Jerry Jarrett Cause of Death? 

Memphis Wrestler And Promoter Jerry Jarrett Dies Jerry Jarrett Cause Of Death Unknown
Memphis Wrestler And Promoter Jerry Jarrett Dies: Jerry Jarrett Cause Of Death Was a Heart Attack

Jerry Jarrett cause of death was a heart attack. He passed away while taking treatment for esophageal cancer on February 14, 2023, at the age of 80. However, his family did not reveal his death’s cause immediately after his demise.

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In addition, Conrad Thompson, a podcast host, claimed during a recording with Mr. Jarrett’s son and AEW star, Jeff Jarrett, that the wrestling icon was battling against esophageal cancer for a long time. This information made fans believe that he died of esophageal cancer, which was not accurate.

Who Is Paying Tribute To The Wrestling Genuis? 

Following the news of Jerry Jarrett’s decease, various fans and figures from the wrestling world pay tribute to the legend through social media.

Sean Waltman, aka X-Pac—two times WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, shared his thoughts by showing his unadulterated love and respect for the wrestling promoter. He credited Jerry Jarrett for Marty Jannetty and him becoming Tag Champions. Sean was the first person Jerry asked for help to start Impact Wrestling, also known as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Now, it is heartbreaking for Sean to acknowledge that he will never have the slightest glimpse of Jerry again.

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Who Is Paying Tribute To The Wrestling Genuis 
Who Is Paying Tribute to The Wrestling Genuis

In addition, sports historian and American journalist David Allen Meltzer tweeted his thoughts. He glorified Jerry Jarrett’s lifelong struggle by acknowledging his genius for wrestling booking and promotion. Drawing massive ratings as a promoter was his forte that nobody will ever touch again. Furthermore, David Bixenspan credited him for being the mastermind behind the best television wrestling experience ever.

Dark Side of The Ring accepted him as one of the greatest minds in the wrestling industry. Jerry’s influence and impact will last forever if the fans remain enthusiastic to witness the issues settling in the ring.

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