What is Adriana Davidson Cause of Death? Adriana Davidson Found Dead on High School Grounds in Ann Arbor

The autopsy has been conducted to find out Adriana Davidson cause of death. According to Police, in the early afternoon on Monday, a 15 years old girl from Michigan was found dead on the ground of Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

After the tragic death of a teenage girl, an online petition has amassed thousands of signatures that criticize the Police Department for casually handling Adriana Davidson mysterious disappearance and death.

What Is Adriana Davidson Cause of Death? 

The result of her autopsy is not out yet. Reportedly, the signs of depression and other psychological abnormalities are being evaluated to determine Adriana Davidson’s cause of death.

According to the reports, she has been missing for two days. On Friday, January 27th, 2023, the unfortunate girl talked to her family last time at around 9 am on her way to school.

What is Adriana Davidson Cause of Death Adriana Davidson Found Dead on High School Grounds in Ann Arbor
What is Adriana Davidson Cause of Death Adriana Davidson Found Dead on High School Grounds in Ann Arbor

As stated by Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, on Monday, January 30th, 2023, a 15-year-old girl’s dead body was discovered at around 1 pm outside under the school bleacher. However, no evidence of foul play has been found that could indicate Adriana Davidson’s cause of death.

Ann Arbor Police Department Take On Adriana Davidson’s Death 

An Abror Police said there would be a one hundred percent transparent investigation as they know Adriana Davidson family and the community are waiting for the answers. Regarding Adriana Davison cause of death, Police will refrain from making any statement until the final autopsy report is released.

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However, the police department addressed all the circulating misinformation on social media. Police further stated that there are many questions to answer regarding the young girl’s death, and all the questions will be answered once they get her autopsy result.

Moreover, the Police reported that Adriana Davidson was alone when she died. So, they are not searching for suspects, and there is no alleged criminal in Adriana’s case.

An Online Petition: Justice for Adriana Davidson 

One of her class fellows has created an online petition to demand justice for Adriana. This online petition has accumulated almost 10,000 signatures. Her classmates are highly critical of Pioneer High School Officials and Ann Arbor Police Department for mishandling her disappearance that caused her life.

The petition states that Addy’s (Adriana Davidson) death construes abysmal jobs from the Pioneer High School management and Ann Arbor Police Department.

Further, the petition claims Ann Arbor Police were aware that her phone was found on the campus, and she made her last appearance at Pioneer High School on Friday. She had been missing for two days since then. Police did not conduct a proper search operation to trace Adriana. Still, there are delays in finding Adriana Davidson cause of death.

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How Did Adriana Davidson go missing? 

Adriana Davidson went missing on January 27th, 2023. At around 9 am, she contacted her family last time on her way to school. According to her classmates, she left the school because she was not feeling well. However, she returned to school again at around noon, but she never entered the school premises, as per the footage of Ann Arbor’s “The Ride.”

Further, she had a last conversation with her friend at 12:26 pm. Adriana’s last word was “No” to a question when one of her friends asked, “You straight?”. After this conversation, she never responded to anyone. Also, this conversation indicates that she was tired.

On Friday afternoon, one of the students found Adriana’s phone on the tennis court. Now her phone is in police custody. Sadly, there is no confirmed news regarding Adriana Davidson cause of death. Her father requested not to invade their privacy as it was the most challenging time for her family.

Washtenaw County Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy to investigate the cause of death. Hopefully, the autopsy report will be out soon to end the media’s speculations regarding Adriana Davidson’s cause of death.

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