Jeremy Slater Confirms Mortal Kombat 2 is in Development

Mortal Kombat’s ending confirmed that the story had the potential to continue along with an introduction of a brand new character. But what fans longed for was confirmation news regarding the sequel. Which came from Jeremy Slater, the writer for Moon Knight.

“Beyond excited to be joining this team! We’re building something bigger and better and bloodier that’s going to blow people’s minds,” Slater tweeted. Reportedly he has agreed to write the story of Mortal Kombat 2. Which was great news for the fans. But do we have an official release date for it? 

There was one character that was overlooked in the first chapter. Of course, the sequel will revolve more around him (or even her!) New Liner is actively working on the production of the movie. Mortal Kombat is based on the video game. It brings out the fictional characters into the real-life world and the reboot proved to be quite successful.

Although it had some flaws, fans seemed to love the idea. And there is no doubt that the team will definitely work on expanding the Mortal Kombat Universe further. And we are all here for it!

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Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee, Josh Lawson, Joe Taslim, Mehcad Brooks, Ludi Lin, Tadanobu Asano, and Chin Han headed the first movie which premiered back in April of 2021. But will these actors (and their characters) return for the sequel?

Well if we think rationally they should return for the continuation of the story. However, it all depends on how Jeremy Slater is willing to unfold the events of the sequel. As he is Jeremy Slater we can trust him with Mortal Kombat 2. In case you don’t know he has penned down the scripts for various blockbusters of Hollywood. 

The director Simon McQuiod is also quite excited about the project. In his words, he wants to make the sequel because that is what fans are demanding. And as the first part got interesting feedback why not go on with the franchise.

When he was asked about the main characters of the second part, he replied that the upcoming movie will feature interesting characters. Now he can be speaking of anyone. But we are sure that Kitana, Sindel, and Jade will make up the main part of the story. 

He also revealed that the sequel will be more female centric. Which is a delight to find out! In his words: “There are some fantastic female characters in Mortal Kombat. And I think we can bring balance there, to a better extent.”

Release Date

Mortal Kombat 2
Mortal Kombat 2

Mortal Kombat 2 does not have a confirmed release date so far. The first part took almost a decade to come onto the screens. Of course, the sequel won’t take that long however it might come out somewhere in 2023. Or who knows even by the end of 2022. It all depends on when the filming for the movie will begin. 

We are totally unaware of the filming schedule of the movie so it is even harder to predict the possible release date for it. Other than the sequel there will be more spin-offs and movies related to Mortal Kombat. So, that is exciting news for the fans! 


For Mortal Kombat 2 you can expect the following to return: 

  • Lewis Tan’s Cole Young
  • Jessica McNamee’s Sonya Blade
  • Mehcad Brooks’ Jax
  • Tadanobu Asano’s Raiden
  • Ludi Lin’s Liu Kang
  • Hiroyuki Sanada’s Scorpion

As the first part killed off many main characters, the cast of the upcoming movie will feature a lot of new faces. Chin Han’s Shang Tsung will also return to stir more trouble as the main villain. It was also rumored that Ryan Reynolds might play an important role in the movie. However, no official sources have confirmed this yet. So, we are still hanging on by a thread!


Of course, the story will be told in continuation. When Shang Tsung was forced to go back to the Outworld he promised to return for revenge. Now as he’s going back to Outworld, he’ll strategize there and come back to show his power. In these attempts, he might build a whole army and resurrect Sub Zero. This will be an interesting storyline! 

So, this means that the sequel awaits a brutal battle between the two sides. There is no way that Shang will cool down without launching an attack. So, yes you can expect a lot of chaos in Mortal Kombat 2. Although the movie is confirmed we are still running short of some important information. 


There is no trailer for Mortal Kombat 2. Most likely, the filming for the movie has also not begun yet. So, we might have to wait for a long time to get any sort of footage. But we are sure that this prolonged wait will be worth it! 

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