Jansen Panettiere Cause of Death is Enlarged Heart: Family Confirmed

Jansen Panettiere cause of death has shaken the world. Unfortunately, he departed from this world at such a young age. But now the question arises; has the family given additional information about his death? Please continue reading to find out all about it!

Jansen Panettiere Cause of Death: Cardiomegaly

On 19th February 2023 in New York City 28 year old Jansen Panettiere passed away. His family released a statement in which they confirmed his death. The family stated that Jansen Panettiere cause of death was medical complications. Due to an enlarged heart, he unfortunately died.

The hospital has also confirmed cardiomegaly being the reason for his death. However, you must be wondering what exactly cardiomegaly is. 

Jansen Panettiere Cause of Death is Enlarged Heart: Family Confirmed
Jansen Panettiere Cause of Death is Enlarged Heart: Family Confirmed

Cardiomegaly is an abnormal condition in which a heart gets bigger than its average size.

Unfortunately, such a young actor full of charisma and talent has departed this cruel world. He is known for his spectacular work in ‘Ice Age: Meltdown’, ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘The X’s’, and ‘The Last Day Of Summer.’

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Besides being a great voice actor, Jansen was also a visual artist. His Instagram account is proof of how talented he was. Many have turned to his Instagram page to pour in their condolences. We hope that the fans and the family recover from this loss. Plus, it is advisable for fans to not dig deeper into this cause of death. And be respectful in these challenging times.

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