Janet Jackson Documentary : The Disclosures We Can Hardly Wait for

Welcome back fam! Are you ready for some tea? Well, we have some amazing tea for you! If you are aware of the latest documentary of the New York Times that was premiered on Friday. This documentary had mentioned all the scandals that happened during all the performances of the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show. 

As mentioned by the Times that it’s their job to give us all the behind the scene information of all the things going around and that’s how journalism works for them. And if we remember the incident that took place with Justin Timberlake in the  Super Bowl? Or if you still can’t remember it, it is most commonly known as the Janet Jackson scandal.

So if you remember it now we have Janet’s side of the story for you! So let’s dive in and see what she has to tell about the show.

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Janet Jackson finally opens up and shared her side of the story with us. The 55-year-old legend discussed what had happened after watching his documentary. As said by Janet, this documentary has already been in progress for 5 years.

The film was declared to be in the month of March. After that, the filming for the film started after the death of Janet’s father, Joe Jackson, in the month of June 2018. T.his movie showed everything about her life including her return to the stage after a long break from the music.

As all the incidents took place in her life starting from the Super Bowl performance she had with Justine Timberlake in 2004,  later on, all the incidents followed up with the demise of her brother Michael and followed by having a baby later.

After sharing the first teaser for this documentary on Instagram, she wrote that she is excited to hare the first documentary with her audience. #JanetDoc

Janet Jackson’s Documentary Reminds Fans of the  Super Bowl Show With Justin Timberlake and What Happened in General

As the first view shared by Jannet showed the interview held for her with Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, and Paula Abdul while they discussed how powerful Janet’s music.

Janet Jackson Documentary
Janet Jackson Documentary

 career is. To that Elliott added this is how a superstar looks like referring to Janet. Carry added that Janet is an empowered woman and followed by Abdul who refers to Janet as a force to be always remembered. Future saying that Janet belongs to a family of legends s said by  Whyley Yoshimura the professional dancer.

As said by her big brother Tito Jackson that no matter how big a star she is, she will always be his small baby sister. He shared this with a big smile on his face when the entire audience was shouting “Janet! Janet!” outside the camera. 

All the clips of the entire life of Janet’s life and career are presented in the documentary as one of her hit songs from 1986, “Control” starts playing in the background. And if you watch the trailer of the footage you will see a small clip of her brother Michael Jackson, who died in the year 2009. Along with that, there was also a clip of her poetic costar Tupac Shakur, who got murdered in 1996.

Janet Shares Her Side of the Story!

And then the teaser showed Janet sitting down in front of the camera and saying that this story is her story and whatever she said is true. He had shared her own experience and her own life story. She further added that this story is said by her and this is the truth either we can accept it or not, either we can love it or not, this is who she is.

All the horrifying incidents of her past and the way she overcame it are all mentioned in the documentary. So do not forget to watch this documentary of the legend and stay tuned with us for all such mind-blowing news and updates about your favorite shows and stars.

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Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
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