Janet Jackson Documentary part 2: Release Date and How to Watch Part 2 of Lifetime’s New Tell-All

Recently a documentary was released on Janet Jackson and in it, she had opened up about herself sharing her life struggles. Janet Jackson is the Grammy-winning performer who had shared everything and every struggle she had faced from her childhood.

Being the youngest member of the family taking a leap in his career and all about her life starting from being just the youngest member of the Jackson family still being a superstar globally she has shared everything in the documentary. 

The first part of the two parted documentary was released this Friday on 28 January on A&E and Lifetime. This part covers everything about Jackson’s life till 1990. But also show some parts about the abuse placed against Michael Jackson in a controversy in 2004.

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This controversy was held in the Super Bowl halftime performance sharing the stage with Justin Timberlake and motherhood. 

Janet Jackson Shares Her Story in a Revealing Documentary

The first part of Janet Jackson’s documentary is 2 hours long. In this documentary, Jackson has shared that her story is told by her which meant that she is the narrator of the story and no one else has said her story on her behalf.  The documentary started with the control singer while she returns to her hometown of Gary, Indiana.

She had returned with her elder brother named Randy Jackson and then shared some memories of childhood about a two-bedroom house where she lived with her 9 siblings and parents. 


Later on, Janet Jackson recalls her Las Vegas stage debut when she was 7 years old. She shared that her dreams of going to college were destroyed by his father Joe Jackson. Other than that her first troubled marriage with singer James the Bagh had also affected her in many ways.

In this documentary, she had even made it clear about the spreading rumors regarding the secret child she had with DeBarge.

She said in the documentary that she could never take a child away from James and how could she have kept a child away from his father. The statement shows the video footage of all the interviews she had along with the agreement of Paula Abdul, producers Terry Lewis and Jimmy jam, and several of her siblings which ended on a rhythm Nation tour by Jackson.

An Opening Act for “Janet Jackson” on 29th January 

Jackson had shared a lot about her life in the first part of the documentary but the main story awaits at the end of the documentary in which she had talked about the sexual abuse trial and death from a Drug overdose in 2009. Not only has she shared about her trial she had also shared about her not-so-famous Super Bowl performance which has affected her entire career.

And if you’re wondering when will the second part of the documentary is going to be released then we have good news for you.  All the fans won’t have to wait any longer to see the other half of Jackson’s story.  the second part of the document is going to be released on 29 January at 8:00 p.m. on A&E. and L lifetime. 

Where Can You Watch the Documentary  “Janet Jackson”?

If you are also willing to watch the documentary of Janet Jackson then we have covered all the platforms on which you can do so. If you do not have any cable then you can directly sign up for a live TV streaming which is going to include A&E and Lifetime such as Hulu+, live TV, friendly TV, sling TV, or Philo. And if you have cable or any live TV package which includes A&E and Lifetime then you will also be able to watch Janet Jackson after release. However, sadly this show is not going to be e released on Netflix. 

So do not forget to share your comments down below once you watch the documentary and stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and Favorite characters. 

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Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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