Is the Cheesecake Factory Closing All of Its Locations?

If you are a fan of The Cheesecake Factory then keep a hold on your fettuccini Alfredo and your Godiva chocolate cheesecake and we also got some latest news for you on the subject.

In October 2020, the rumors started spreading that the most loved Italian meets everything else you might dream of the restaurant may be closing its doors and the broadband internet just like most things which nowadays are shut and we are living with the situation as well. Since the vulnerable effect of the covid-19 pandemic didn’t spare any sector though, we have to accept that the worst hit was on the food industry.

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What Does The Datassential Reports Depict?

As per the report presented by Datassential, it’s clear that more than 10% of the restaurants in the United States became compelled to shut due to the economical stress of the pandemic

Cheesecake Factory Closing
Cheesecake Factory Closing

The fans of the sector shared their consolation and concern on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter that their most loved Cheese Factory may prove to be the one. One of the Twitter users even wrote in the tweet that “So Cheesecake Factory closing??? What am I suppose [sic] to do without my lemon raspberry cheesecake,” and ending with a very apt — and justified — “I hate 2020.?”

A Cheese Factory Business Is Closing But Not The One Which You Are Thinking Of!

As per reports by Snopes, there is nothing to be stressed about in spite of the rumored close, The Cheesecake Factory isn’t actually going anywhere, it won’t be shut down.

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A spokesperson for the company, Gabrielle Gaines also shared the status of the restaurant while talking to Daily Caller News Foundation stating that “there is absolutely no truth to this,” further he stated that “The Cheesecake Factory is not planning to close any locations.” The Cheesecake Factory is known for its grand 21-page menu and number of mouth-melting dessert options and also ranked as one of the best casual dining restaurants in the United States by trade publication Nation’s Restaurant News.

What Led Towards The Growing Confusion?

Many of you must be wondering about how the confusion kept on growing?  Back in October 2020, The Cheese Factory Inc which is the parent company of the famous chain restaurant, it also runs multiple other small chains in the United States stated that some other restaurant in its portfolio would be soon stopping operations. 

As per reports, as a report by Yahoo, it explained that RockSugar Southeast Asian Kitchen which is based in Los Angeles would be ceasing its operations in an article named “Cheesecake Factory Is Closing This Business For Good,” and the die-hard fans of cheesecake started panicking even before getting into the details of the article, they readjust headline and the same led to growing rumors.

But then also we can’t even make them responsible for the rumors because no cheesecake fan can imagine their life without The Cheesecake Factory’s loaded nachos and it sounded like it was all worth it after all. 

Cheesecake Factory Is All Set For Business To Bang Again

Since it’s not hidden from anyone that covid-19 pandemic situations have impacted the food industry worst, although The Cheesecake Factory is actually going on a very opposite way of shutting down, in fact, the well-known chain is growing and running successfully.

While the restaurant chains were impacted the chain managed to achieve much success during that time only.

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As shared by the restaurant chain, their financial achievement was at its peak in the fiscal year 2020 previous to this year and the figures alone give them a reason to continue their operation and keep the door open for their beloved fans. In spite of the negative impact of the covid-19 pandemic, the chain witnessed a total turnover of $554.6 million in the fourth quarter which is only less from $694 million prior to this year and it’s not too bad in such crucial times.

What did the Cheesecake factory share recently?

As the latest statement made in June 2021, the Cheesecake Factory said that they are really curious to get back to its full operations as soon as possible since the maximum of its staff and guests will probably become fully vaccinated. Considering the present circumstances, the chain has even executed a brand new purification system in order to save patrons so it is of course very clear that your favorite food chain is not going anywhere and will remain the same as it used to be.

In the statement released on 16th June 2021, by the President of Cheesecake Factory, David M. Gordon, it was mentioned that “Whether you’ve dined-in or ordered take-out or delivery from us this past year, you may have noticed some changes we implemented to ensure your continued safety such as adding partitions between booths to enhance social distancing wherever possible, providing QR codes to access our digital menu on your mobile device, positioning our bakery counter’s credit card machines so you can swipe your own credit card without staff assistance, and sealing our take-out bags for delivery to ensure there is no contact with your food from the kitchen to your door.” Concluding its part, it stated, “We are continually evolving our efforts to ensure the highest levels of sanitation and safety in our restaurants and are following the guidance of the CDC and our local health departments.”


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