Apple Stock Losses Send In Correction With 11% Slump From Peak

Apple Inc has been pushed into correction territory due to more bleeding in technology stock and which resulted in making it third out of the five mega-cap tech companies whose stock market value declined by over 10% from the high spot previous this year. 

How many falls did Apple witness on 4th October, Monday?

Amidst another jolt of selling in the stocks of the quickest developing companies with terrific valuations, Apple stock declined as much as 3.1% on Monday, 4th October. The shares of iPhone’s makers have now come down by 11% from the 7th of September record which resulted in wiping out around $300 billion in the market index.


Apple Joined & Facebook Inc.

Along with Facebook Inc. and, now Apple also entered among their category whose technology stocks have seen a major decline by more than 10% from their peak. Facebook whose stock has also seen major fall amidst the reports of outage around the world on Monday, 4th October along with its family of other applications as well and even the stock is as low by 15% in comparison with the record of the last month whereas have witnessed fall by around 14% from its peak in July.

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The closing stock market value of Apple as of 6th October, Wednesday is 141.11 whereas the opening price was 139.49 which marks 1.42% of upward movement throughout the day. In the end, Apple has suffered a huge decline in the past few days.


Abhimanyu Sangwan
Abhimanyu Sangwan
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