In the Dark Season 3 Netflix -When will it Premiere on Netflix?

The CW crime drama show, In The Dark, is back with a new season and is full of new action packed scenes. The show which had simply began with Murphy, a blind girl, trying to figure out her friend’s death has now moved to lots of other jaw dropping scenes. All of these can obviously be witnessed in In The Dark Season 3 Netflix. So, when will it air on Netflix? Has it begun airing on CW? Continue scrolling, and you’ll find the answers. 

In The Dark Season 3 Netflix Release Date

Season 3 of this hit show was renewed in January 2020 but filming began much later. This was obviously due to Covid 19 which brought with it a pandemic and a lockdown.

The filming for the latest season began in November 2020 and ended in April 2021. And finally, the show was ready for viewing on the CW on 23rd June 2021.

But, when is it airing on Netflix right? Luckily, the day when this happens isn’t that far. Netflix and CW have a contract regarding In The Dark that states that the latest season will be available just 8 days after it ends airing on CW. Hence, this means that In The Dark Season 3 will premiere in September for viewers all over the US. In addition to this, we have another great news to share i.e. In The Dark Season 4 has also been green lit by the platform so there is a lot more to the show.

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Besides this, the new season will be available for watching on Netflix for viewers that are living only in the US. This is because CW doesn’t have a contract with Netflix that allows Netflix to air the show for all international viewers. 

In The Dark Season 3 Plot

In the Dark Season 3

Viewers can expect season 3 to have multiple twists and turns. In the season 2 finale, viewers got to witness Murphy in a relationship with Josh Wallace who is also a federal agent. Besides this, there were also a couple other federal agents who were after Murphy.

But season 3 has a lot more in store for Murphy as this time she and her friends have managed to attract a drug lord. Because of these enemies, Murphy and her friends turn to Darnell for help. If you are wondering what happens next, then you need to watch season 3 as we would hate to give out all the spoilers and ruin the new season’s plot for you. Although, we must warn you that you will be in for a ride. As what once started as a mystery regarding a death has now moved to drugs, money laundering and much more.

In The Dark Season 3 Netflix Cast

The official list of cast members for season 3 is out and all the main cast members have been listed below:

  • Murphy Mason — Perry Mattfeld
  • Jess Damon — Brooke Markham
  • Josh — Theodore Bhat
  • Officer Gene Clemens — Matt Murray
  • Max Parish — Casey Deidrick
  • Darnell James — Keston John
  • Felix Bell — Morgan Krantz


The trailer for season 3 is available for viewing on Youtube. But, we must warn you it is full of spoilers and scenes that are going to make it even harder for you to wait for it to be released on Netflix.


There will be 13 episodes in season 3 just like the previous two seasons. Moreover, since In The Dark’s latest season is being premiered on CW, we have a list of names of episodes that have already aired. These names definitely do not give much of a hint of what to expect in the upcoming thrilling show.

  • First Episode– Hanging by a Thread.
  • Second Episode– I Know What You Did Last Night.
  • Third Episode– Somewhere Over the Border.
  • Fourth Episode– Safe and Sound.
  • Fifth Episode– Planes, Trains and Automobiles.


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