Huawei Nova 3i launched in Other Parts of World where it was not Launched Initially

The mainstream market of the smartphone has never been this much difficulty. Almost all manufacturers working hard to push over not just featured packed but affordable smartphones in this way consumers get confused to take an informed decision on the perfect phone for them.

However, the difficulties more arise when the known manufacturer Huawei has just launched a sleek, stylish and powered Nova 3i in the market. Even though the Chinese company, Huawei tried their best to make it a straightforward choice for all consumers out there looking for a complete smartphone in terms of features, looks and specs.

The launch of Huawei Nova 3i took place at AVRY Singapore on 28th July 2018. Since the Huawei Nova 3i is the improvised version of Nova 3 but at the same time design kept quite similar with a few modifications. Huawei Nova 3i has superior glass finish display incorporated well with fine-looking metal although the style and looks are more of a winner as compared to the competition.

As the phone gets bling aesthetics of its superior sibling but Huawei Nova 3i incorporated new midrange chipset by Huawei. No doubt Nova 3i feels and appears as an exceptional flagship while inherits the flaws of Nova 3.

Features of Huawei Nova 3i

Same like Nova 3, the Huawei Nova 3i featured vertical mounted dual rear camera along with fingerprint sensor fixed in the middle in a bit low for easy access.  However, the makers incorporated toned down a pair of quad-cameras and a midrange kirin 710 chipset which really sound great for the price.

Besides the Nova 3i’s flat-real panel, notched-display, iris purple hue along with the latest version of Android are hard to fare against rivalry top brands. But for the price, Nova 3i has been the right choice with such features.

Yet Nova 3i incorporated with 2.5D glass instead of 3D while its fingerprint magnet glass panel is also prone to scratches. The thing really admirable is its 6.3-inch full HD plus LCD display while having little thick chin than Nova 3.


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