How to Update Windows 10 for Free in 2021

The latest version of the Windows OS available for download nowadays is Windows 10. Before it, Windows 8.1 was released by Microsoft, and almost after two years, Windows 10 is available to download for the general public. The successor of windows 8 is windows10’s latest version. It was initially released in 2015, and ever since then, regular updates are coming for fixing all the minor issues that users face. 

If you’re currently using Windows 10 and want to update to the latest version, then this article will be perfect for you because we’re going to tell you about some of the easiest ways using which you can effortlessly update your Windows 10 to the latest version.

Recommendation before Update 

Some of the things that are recommended to check before updating include checking your internet connection. It is highly recommended to check the speed of your internet before starting an update. Doing this will help you in avoiding any hindrance and make the process of updating fast. Secondly, you must check the available free storage space on your device.

Your device must have free space to install updates. If a specified memory is not available, then you should free it before updating.

Updating your Windows 10

If you’re using an outdated version of Windows 10, updating it to the latest version is a must. There are several reasons to update your current version of Windows 10. Updating to a newer version guarantees a securer experience and keeps the device running smoothly.

You can effortlessly update your Windows 10 using the following procedures:

Update Using Device Settings

The simplest way to update your current windows 10 version is in your PC settings.

Follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Open the Settings Click on the last category, “Update and Security.” (A window will open showing details of window Update) 
  • Click on “Check for Updates.” 
  • If Microsoft has determined that a feature update is available for your device, you will see “Download and Install.” 
  • Click it, and your device is up to date.

If “Download and Install” are not visible, then you can do it using the Web.

Update Using the Web  

While downloading from your device settings, if “Download and Install” are not visible, there is another easy way to install it.

  • Open your web browser and open the following link.


  • Click on “Update Now” and download the file. 
  • After the download is complete, open the downloaded exe file. 
  • Click “Update Now” on the first prompt. 
  • Proceed with default options 

During the process of downloading, you can check the installation level by the percentage shown. 

The download can take up to several hours. Once the update is complete, the PC will restart on its own. After restarting, the device will enable its updated features. It asks for some start settings, and from them, you can opt for personalized settings to customize your user experience while working with Windows. You can also change these settings later from the settings menu. It will also show you some tips to help you start with the new settings. 

If you don’t have Windows 10 installed on your device and want to get the most out of your PC, you can also upgrade to Windows 10. For upgrading, you can click on the

following link and click on “Download Tool Now.”

New Features in the Update 

Microsoft Windows is not new, but every time it has a bunch of new features. It has provided several unique features to attract its users. That is why the newly upgraded windows have plenty of ways to make your experience enticing. 

Some of its prominent features are: 


Cortana is a new addition to Windows as a new digital assistant. It has voice-controlled features for better interaction convenience. It provides easier searching for apps and software on the hard drive. You can launch apps, ask to open a file, and so on. Hence it supports your multitasking effectively. 

Improved Start Menu 

The frequently used smart start menu is back. Now you get two panels in the start menu. One is showing the frequently used or the pinned apps. The right has live tiles that can be resized or changed according to your preferences. 

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition has been a feature of windows for some time. But Windows 10 has taken this to a different level. It can allow you to record your voice and enter it in any current text field, avoiding the hassle of typing long sentences. This feature can be enabled using the window key and H.

I hope this article helps you easily update your windows to the latest version of Windows 10 available.


Abhimanyu Sangwan
Abhimanyu Sangwan
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