Horimiya’ Season 2 the Show Is Not Officially Canceled (Updated News)

All the anime fan lovers we are here with an amazing  Japanese manga series. This series was written by Hiroki Adachi. Along with that, this series was further illustrated by Daisuke Hagiwara. This series is known as ‘Horimiya’.

It is a romantic anime series that has been undoubtedly the favorite series of all anime lovers because of the chemistry between the two main lead characters of the show. 

The lead characters Izumi and Kyoko have been hiding their real identity from their classmates. Kyoko has the characteristics of getting a lot aggressive and that completely depends on the circumstances.

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Meanwhile Izumi has characteristics of a light-mannered punk with various tattoos and piercings. Even though having so many differences, these 2 characters have a lot in common, especially with their secrets. they hold for each other and that makes them fall in love with each other.

From the date this series has been released it has become the most favorite anime of all the fans and critics. This series is a combination of beautiful animations and a great story in between the characters along with all other characters and the plot.

Horimiya Season 2- Is It Going to Be Released?

As season 1 of ‘Horimiya’ is coming to an end and lot of you might be thinking if there will be any season 2 or not. So here is everything you need to know about season 2 of Horimiya.

Horimiya Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of ‘Horimiya’ season was released on 10th  January  2021. It consists of  13 episodes and ended on 4th  April 2021. This anime was produced by CloverWorks Studios and directed by Masashi Ishihama. Takao Yoshioka is the writer of this series. 

Horimiya Season 2 
Horimiya Season 2

In the second season of ‘Horimiya, there is no official announcement from the producers yet. Just like other anime series ‘Horimiya’ is not much involved in spending time on revolving the plot instead it is direct and much interesting to watch. Izumi confessed his true feeling in episode 4 itself. After that Izumi and Kyoko start dating further in the fourth episode.

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This TV series of‘Horimiya’ has also caught up along with the manga series.  The manga series has published chapter 122 recently in the month of March 2021. And the last episode of the TV series is an adaptation of this 122nd chapter. This episode will show the graduation of students from their high school.

Also as per the original manga series, a lot of the actual chapters have been skipped.   A few of the episodes were covered in a montage at the end of the show during credits. And if we consider all these factors it is very unlikely for the second season to be out any soon.

As  ‘Horimiya’ has a huge fanbase and we are expecting that this series might have a second season. However, we are not completely sure about it and for now, it’s a no from the makers about the second part.

Other than this on 23rd November 2020, Horipro shared that they were making a live-action TV edition of the manga. Also, the first 3 episodes have also been released on 5th February 2021 and the full show was released on 17th February 2021.

This series had first made as a web manga with the name Hori-san to Miyamura-Kun. That web series has a total of 6 episodes adapted from the actual series. The first actual series was released on 5th October 2012 and after that, a total of 3 has been released to date.

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