HiSense to Release the Latest Hong Kong 6 With a 10,010 mAh Battery

Telephones which were once just mere means of hearing one’s voices over a distance have now evolved to shrink the whole world on fingertips. Their evolution comes with a myriad of innovative features that has the globe interconnected and dependent over their use.

Their increase in demands has created a race against every digital company to create the best-selling and the “smartest” phone of all. Companies come up with various variations that are best-suited lure customers into buying their product.

While come would come up with camera lens additions, or a robust update in the software, a Chinese company HiSense has its focus on the battery.

Quite similarly the latest phone by the company HiSense King Kong 6 is to come rocking an impressive 10,010 mAh battery size. This is a considerably brave step taken by a mainstream company, and this is probably the first phone to come sporting such a battery time.

Having a long-lasting battery with a smartphone relieves a magnitude of troubles. The freedom to not having connecting to a charger after a bunch of every few passing hours sure seems relieving.

 That makes achieving a large battery size a goal most companies have tried to achieve in vain. To compensate feature of fast charging and ultra-fast charging are seen on the market. Therefore, HiSense creating a phone with such an impressive battery size is a massive breakthrough we all have been looking for.

How does Hong Kong 6 Have a 10,010 mAh Battery?

Fitting something considerably large in a small thin space seems to be an ongoing struggle. With this said, having a large battery in a small thin casing of a sleek smartphone, is a sure difficult task to manage.

However, HiSense has come up with a considerably smart solution to the issue in its King Kong 6. The phone quite easily manages to have such a massive battery size by having the battery in a split. Meaning, half of what makes up the battery size that is 5,510 mAh comes built into the phone. 

The other half that is 4,500 mAh of battery, however, is artistically fitted into the casing of the smartphone. The two batteries are connected through pogo pins that are present at the back of the phone. This gives the phone its massive power supply.

Other Features of King Kong 6

Although the battery of the phone is its sure selling feature, it is not the only thing the company has its focus on. Hisense has released King Kong 6 as its flagship phone and has carefully designed it with robust features. Although there is still not much information available, the known bits are seemingly interesting. 

First off, the battery is not the only large thing on the phone. The screen size is also considerably fo 6.52 inches which shows off a 720p+ resolution. The insight on the chipset is a bit hazy but we do know that it will come with two variants- one with 4GB RAM and 128 GB storage along with another version of 6GB RAM. 

Moreover, as Hong Kong 6 is a presumable flagship phone by HiSense, the phone will come with magnificent camera setup. As per the insights revealed, it will have a triple camera setup consisting of 13+2+2 MP camera. Additionally, there is a capacitive fingerprint reader available too. The selfie camera of the phone is enclosed within a teardrop notch. All in all, King Kong 6 is indeed a robust device whose price is yet to be known.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to business but the passion keeps him in this field.

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