Gisele Bryant Exposes What Happened to Nicki Minaj After ‘rhop’ Reunion, Talks “Angry” Wendy and Her “Fake” Relationship With Karen

As per the recent reports we were notified that Gizelle is once again searing the 6th season of The most famous episode of RHOP. Gizelle after having filmed the reunion of 4-part with her show mates shared what had actually happened on that season with  Nicki Minaj as a guest host.

She shares that if she looks back into the season and all the drama of Nicky Minaj along with Wendy. She further shared her ideas about her on and off relationship with Karen. Gizelle shared with Essence the previous month that Nicki was always like a Diva.

She further added that she wasn’t nervous however she could definitely tell that Nicki was everything and she was always in a complete mood. Further adding that if Nicki Minaj is coming at you then you should let her come at you and Gizelle was all in form like getting it on.

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However, Nicki definitely wasn’t easy on the entire members of the cast, and we could definitely see Gizelle was enjoying her so difficult questions and also agreed that she appreciated her role after the show ended.

Gizelle continued that Nicki came for them but not so harshly and she was expecting the entire cast would fire back on her but that didn’t happen. She further shared that they would have never done that and when all that was done Gizelle gave Nicki a tight hug and said that she did a really good job.’

Gizelle Shares How It Went With Nicki Minaj After the ‘rhop’ Reunion!

Even though Gizelle is known for being a really rude girl in her younger age and also maybe due to her rough past and also some rude comments made by her. However, Gizelle said that her intentions about everyone were never bad, and what we see on screen is not what it always is.

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

She also added that she is a funny girl sometimes a girly girl however she was never a rude one. She evens shared that she might say a thing or two to other cast members and if anyone ever heard her without the music played at the back then would have known that she is not rude as she seems.

Also, there was one certain topic titled Gizelle with the headline “mean girl” was Eddie Osefo, the husband of Wendy and also the one who had made false claims on Gizelle for cheating.

Later on, when confronted about the same with Gizelle, she said that had literally no regrets for this as they are on a show to share everything about their lives and also shared that Wendy was very much affected by all the comments she had received from social media.

She further added that there are a lot of other things to handle in her life. And this was everything she had to share but Wendy got really angry about this and Gizelle let her be angry with that. And as per her connection with Karen, she had a patch-up with the reunion of the show.

She even shares that when it actually is between her and Karen they have always had respect for each other. But she also added that Karen definitely gets angry at each other. She also said that it feels like dysfunctional aunties and they always get angry at each other but we get together.

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