Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Is Finally Coming to Netflix

Camera, Roll, Action! Ginny and Georgia Season 2 is in production. And its premiere on Netflix is closer than ever. 

Ginny and Georgia has gained a lot of popularity since its release and Taylor Swift’s dig at one of its scenes. The show’s take on messed up families and drama attracted masses all over the world. And within a matter of time, Netflix announced the show’s renewal.

Now, Season 2 is undergoing production and we have all the intel on it. So, keep on reading to find out when your favourite Netflix show’s latest season will be coming to Netflix.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Release Date

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Release Date
Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Release Date

On April 19, 2021 Netflix confirmed that there will be a season 2. Debra J Fisher, the show’s creator as well as showrunner, said:

“We are so appreciative of the incredible response and love you all have shown Ginny & Georgia. We can’t wait to return to Wellsbury for Season 2.” 

But production didn’t begin immediately after that announcement. In fact, the filming for Ginny and Georgia Season 2 is still ongoing. And the official release date for the new season still has to be announced. According to us, Season 2 will be premiering on Netflix in late 2022. Additionally as soon as we find an official release date for the upcoming season, we’ll let you know.


Even though Ginny and Georgia season 2 was renewed long back, filming for it began in November 2021. Moreover, it’s expected that filming will continue till April 2022.

On November 30, Debra Fisher, the show’s showrunner, posted a picture on Instagram to show that the cameras were rolling and season 2 was all ready to be filmed.

Filming for Season 2 is mainly taking place in Toronto, Canada with Blue Ice Pictures, Critical Content, and Dynamic Television. However in between February 22 till February 25, filming took place in Coburg, Ontario at various locations.

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Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Cast

Here is a list of all the cast members viewers can expect to see in Season 2.

  • Brianne Howey as Georgia Miller
  • Antonia Gentry as Ginny
  • La Torraca as Austin
  • Aaron Ashmore as Gil Timmins (Austin’s father)
  • Raymond Ablack as Joe
  • Sara Waisglass as Maxine
  • Felix Mallard as Marcus
  • Scott Porter as Paul
  • Jennifer Robertson as Ellen

Besides these, many more new characters will be added into Ginny and Georgia season 2. Although, their names still need to be made official. In an interview, Gentry shared the following:

“For season 2, the stakes are much higher now—obviously—than we left off with season 1. So, I think fans will be in for a lot of wonderful tension, a lot of building up to climax, and a couple of interesting characters will be revealed. I can’t say a lot about it right now, but I can’t wait for us to go back filming, which is very, very soon.”

As soon as we find out the names of these new cast members, we will share it with you here.


Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Synopsis
Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Synopsis

The events of Season 1 have only been building up the plot twists for season 2. After all, the first season did end on a lot of cliffhangers from Ginny and Austin running away to Georgia potentially marrying the mayor. What in the world is going to happen in season 2?

While we dont know all the details, there are a couple of guesses we can make here and there regarding Season 2. Ginny will probably be heading with Austin to Zion who had previously given her his address in a code message. Zion might even shift to Wellsbury making Georgia’s relationship with Paul a little difficult. 

Moreover, Gentry who plays Ginny spoke at MTV in May 2021 about Ginny and Georgia season 2. Here is what she had to say:

“It’s a roller coaster ride. Even I don’t know the full details, but I am on the edge of my seat. I know it’s going to be a full package of just excitement and plot, and craziness.” 

So we would advise fans to get their popcorn and be ready for a whirlwind of emotions in season 2.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2 Trailer

There is no sign of a Ginny and Georgia Season 2 trailer yet. Also, it will probably be a while since a trailer releases since filming is still ongoing. Although, pictures from the set have been shared a couple of times for fans to know the progress of Season 2.

If we get any more spoilers or details of Season 2, we will share them with you!

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