What Happened to Gina Grant, What is Gina Grant College Admissions Controversy?

Gina Grant is an American woman who gained notoriety due to her criminal past. Gina was seen as a bright girl with a promising future from a young age. Just when she secured admission to a prestigious university, her life reverted to its starting point as her past crimes resurfaced. So, what did Gina Grant do that landed her in trouble? Keep reading for the complete background of the story.

Gina Grant and the College Admissions Controversy

Gina Grant enrolled at Harvard University owing to her excellent academic record. However, her admission was canceled after it was confirmed that Gina had murdered her mother at the age of 14.

Following this revelation, people promptly engaged in discussions about Gina and the incident. There were several queries about whether Gina had a reason for murdering her mother or not. Many even speculated whether Harvard’s decision to cancel her admission was right. To this day, people have continued to talk about the notorious case.

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Who Is Gina Grant?

Gina Grant is the daughter of Charles Grant and Dorothy Mayfield. They lived in Lexington, South Carolina. Mayfield and Charles had one more daughter. When Gina was 11 years old, her father passed away battling lung cancer.

Gina Grant
What Happened to Gina Grant, What is Gina Grant College Admissions Controversy?

Why Did Gina Grant Murder Her Mother?

This case unfolded in 1990. During that time, Gina was still a minor. Hence, the criminal records of the infamous murder were not supposed to be revealed to the public. However, the Lexington County Sheriff, James Metts, announced her name to the public shortly after Gina Grant’s arrest.

According to the crime scene, Gina had carefully plotted her mother’s death. She arranged the scenario to suggest that her mother had taken her own life. On September 13, 1990, in Lexington, South Carolina, the 14-year-old girl crushed Dorothy Mayfield’s (her mother) skull by hitting her with a candlestick repeatedly. To make sure that the death did not seem like a murder, Gina mopped the bloodied floor and hid the stained rags in the closet.

Moreover, after cleaning, she stabbed her mother with a knife in the neck, with her fingers curved around the handle.

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Gina did not stick to one story when the investigation began and changed her narrative multiple times. Initially, Gina articulated that her mother stabbed herself in the neck. However, after the candlestick was brought up, Gina altered her statement, asserting that she had murdered her mother in self-defense to protect herself from the abuse.

As the police investigated further, they found out that Gina’s mother was an alcoholic and physically abusive. Gina’s sister also attested to this. Consequently, Gina Grant was sentenced to one year in juvenile detention. She remained on probation until the age of 18.

Later, the court permitted her to relocate to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to live with a paternal aunt and uncle. Soon, Gina had adjusted to her academic and personal lives perfectly. Later came the notorious college admission controversy.

Why Was She Denied Admission to Harvard University?

In January 1995, Gina was admitted to Harvard University, and during the admissions process, she lied about her mother passing away due to an accident. However, the university eventually found out the actual reason behind Grant’s mother’s death. As a result of her crime, her admission was rescinded.

Gina was one of the students discussed in the April 2 Boston Globe article about overcoming challenging situations. Soon after this, Harvard University and The Globe started receiving anonymous claims about Gina having murdered her mother.

Gina tried to approach Harvard’s admissions committee, but they refused her request. She later enrolled at Tufts University, where she was subjected to much criticism from the student body.

That was everything you needed to know about the notorious Gina Grant case. For more such stories, remember to stay connected.

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