Fortnite Winterfest 2021: Shroom Crescent Pickaxe Is Behind the 15th Event

New speculation related to the 15th present for the Fornite is creating a buzz among all. And ever since was announced everyone was very eager to know what is going on actual.  As this game was newly reported and it was very unlikely for the players to be gifted any gift by Epic Games.

And as it is so not common whenever it does happen, gamers are sure to collect them without fail.  

 With that said the winter faced event for chapter 3 season one has brought a lot of gifts for this game.  And the best part is that all the players will be able to get at least 14 gifts to get by visiting or by contacting The cozy Lodge.

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However, it has also been said recently that the loopers are going to receive the Crescent Shroom Pickaxe and it will be the final gift of the Winterfest event for them.  so let’s dive in and see what this article is going to reveal complete details about the involvement of Crescent Shroom Pickaxe in the game.

All the Info About Fortnite Crescent Shroom Pickaxethat Gamers Need to Know

At first No 15 present was planned for the players to claim in the game. But eventually when the winter fest event took place players were unable to login into Fortnite for a longer period.  eventually leading this to bring the gift back into the game.

Later on, this issue was fixed by Epic And The Gamers further mentioned that all the cozy lodges have now planned to feature for an additional unopened gift. However, the issue was identified by the developers and then it was said that the state was not going to issue players anymore free. 

Fortnite Winterfest 2021
Fortnite Winterfest 2021

However, it was recently said that the Crescent Shroom Pickaxe will be present in the game. This tool is acting as a compensation gift for all the players who faced issues logging in in December. And this gift is going to be considered as the 15th gift for the gamers.

Epic recently also said in an interview that as per everyone’s patience during The login issues faced in December,  they will be providing power weekend for all the players. Devon will be started from  1st January at 7 p.m. to 10 January at 10 a.m. ET. 

In this event, Epic will be providing every player who had faced login issues during the Winterfest the new Crescent shroom Pickaxe will be given to the way before the limited offer ends and arrives in the shop!

How Are the Players Going to Win the Reward?

As the last game was planned on giving an unopened gift, It might create confusion for most of the players that the upcoming gift will also be available in the case of the Cozy lodge. 

But it has been recently shared that the players won’t be able to get or claim any rewards by opening any of the gifts provided to them.  However, all the players who tried to log in during the Winterfest will automatically get their reward on their respective accounts.

 After the early release of the Pickaxe, it is going to be available in all the nearest stores shortly.  However,  the item’s actual price hasn’t been released yet and all the players who have lost the opportunity to get this gift for free are going to get the item on Epic once it is available for everyone.

So do not forget to check the shop list Later list and get your gifts as well. Till then stay tuned with us for all such mind-blowing updates about your favorite shows and also about your favorite players. 

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