Former Officer Kim Potter Testifies in Trial Over Killing of Daunte Wright

Recently the news has been in a complete buzz about Kim Potter, who claimed that she had mistakenly killed Daunte Wright a 20-year-old guy. She said she had pulled on a gun mistakenly thinking it was a teaser and killed him.

Kim is now charged with 2 manslaughter charges due to his death. However, her defense team said that the boy was not cooperating with the arrest. In the count, Kim also shared that she saw fear on the face of the officer at the place of the incident.

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This incident took place on 11th April 2021 and had caused a conflict since then. During this incident, another officer, Derek Chauvin, was even called for trial for a murder case of George Floyd. Last week a video clip of this recent incident showed Kim shouting “Taser”  just before firing at the victim. Later on, she was sitting on the road and crying.

Kim testifies on Friday in her own defense and said that she was near the vehicle when Mr. Wright and another officer, Mr. Johnson, were facing problems in arresting the victim.

Kim Potter Testifies for Killing the 20-Year-Old: Says Had Never Shot Anyone in Her Entire Career

She further added that she saw a look of fear on the face of Mr. Johnson which she had never seen before. Further adding that the situation got a lot chaotic and she remembered repeatedly yelling ‘Taser’ but nothing happened.

Also added that then he said to her that she shot the victim and further started crying. Also, she shared that she has lost her memory after the incident and doesn’t remember anything clearly.

After the incident, Kim resigned from her job. Further, she shared in court that she does not wish anything more to follow up like this incident. She does not wish the city gets hampered anymore due to the shooting as it has been a mass issue now.

Officer Kim Potter Testifies in Trial
Officer Kim Potter Testifies in Trial

She also added that she is an officer since 2002 on Tasers and had shown her weapons on the accused but never shot anyone. Similarly, she never had shot anyone in her twenty-six-year career further adding that she herself was disturbed after the shot.

She said that she had never shot anyone before that and started crying saying I am sorry over and over again. On Friday the defense rested the case in which 8 witnesses, including Kim, were called. The next argument was scheduled for  Monday.

However, on Thursday, the chief of  Brooklyn Center called  Potter “a good officer”. Mr. Gannon in his testimony said that he saw “no violation” of policy

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Kim’s attorneys further argued that there was no application of the force on the victim thus proving that it was just a mistake on Kims’ behalf including deadly force was justifiable as the victim was to flee from being arrested

Mr. Cannon also shared his experience in the testimony, about being dragged by a car as he was going to be arrested and it left him with a constant fear of surviving.  Another witness was a Missouri assistant police said that the officers were bound to arrest Mr. Wright as he had an outstanding warrant against him for a weapons violation.

Tensions Keep Increasing in Minnesota During the Trial

He said that deadly force is taken action upon in such cases when the officer is partially warranted in instances in which a police officer is inside a car and is planning to leave. As the incident further was related to the death of Mr. Wright’s, 2 officers tried to remove him from the car while the shooting took place

Mr. Ijames’ testimony was in full contrast as he said even the use of Taser in such a situation was unreasonable. He further added that as a police officer she shouldn’t have assumed it as any kind of threat or bodily harm and therefore whatever happened was excessive.

With all further testimony, prosecutors said that Kim Potter should know the difference between a gun and a taser, and this case is considered as a complete action of negligence.

However, as per the Minnesota state law, a person is guilty of second-degree manslaughter if it is proved that they were negligent and created an unreasonable risk of causing harm or death to another person.

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