Tiger Woods Has ‘awesome’ Time in First Round of PNC Championship

Recently Tiger Woods had set a new craze among the people when he and his son got to the second position at the end of the PNC Championship, We had seen Tiger perform last in February before the deadly car accident on the golf course.

This weekend in the PNC Championship of $1 million Tiger fought against his twelve years old sons in the Golf Club Orlando, Grande Lakes in Florida. This championship was a 2 person, 36-hole competition in which champions could participate with any member of the family.

At the ten this championship was won by John Daly and his son. They finished the tournament with twenty-seven under par, and  2 strokes more of Triggers.

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This duo of Father and son are famous for their similar actions in the tournament. Starting from the swings to celebrations and 15 under par shots on Sunday. Along with that, they had even hit the 11 holes simultaneously.

The duo of the Tiger’s was seventh last year, to that wood’s said after winning the 2nd place in the tournament that this rush for the competition they have is never going away. He further added that this is his place and he has done this his entire life and he is very thankful for getting another opportunity to do this once again.

This Saturday a huge crown welcomed the legend, cheering for him to be back after such a serious injury he had. He met with an accident with the SUV he was driving which went off the road in February and had caused him a lot of injuries.

Tiger Woods Shares About the Injury in His 1st Interview Since the Car Crash

TigerWoods has been the winner of 82 PGA Tour titles. Those even included the 15 big tournaments as well. He said in a recent interview that he s said he still has the will and wish to do more championships as such, however after the accident he is unable to endure much because of multiple fractures in his right leg.

First Round of PNC Championship
First Round of PNC Championship

He further added that this year has been a lot hard on him and he was unable to play after the accident at all. However, this game might be his 2nd or 3rd round and this year has been a long year for him. He further shared that he has been using a golf cart to practice during the weekend as no golfer is allowed to do this on a PGA Tour.

Wood also shared that he is very much away from paying the golf tournament and he is in practice to get back on track with all the tournaments he has been doing.

After spending a total of 3 months in bed, wood said that he worked out every day so that he could start playing once again. Also in a recent interview with Golf Digest,  Woods described that his days are over as a golfer.

Tiger Woods: I might not be a Permanent Golfer anymore!

He further added that he might start playing the tournaments but not the same thing full time just like Mr. Hogan did. He would rather just pick a choice and play like him. Woods said to the interviewer that he might pick and choose some events each year, practice that, get perfect in it. For all such amazing news about your favorite players and stars stay tuned with us and we will keep you updated.

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