Five Players Who Could Leave Barcelona in January to Save Their Stalling Careers

With the new year around the corner, the countdown has begun for all the clubs across Europe, as they are planning for all the players to enter or leave the clubs. It is more likely that La Liga giants Barcelona are more focused on players leaving or mostly on taking out the players from the group.

As they are planning on reducing the wage bill and also has a necessity to raise more funds. As we know the financial issue of Catalan club’s it is more likely that they are planning on removing some players and creating a place for rejuvenation.

As in the champions league this year Barca didn’t perform very well and to that boss, Xavi Hernandez took a pledge that the team will return back to their original form within this 1 year.

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Even though the assumption is very much positive it has created immense pressure on the club and especially on the president(Joan Laporta) of the club to keep up with the commitment. As far as we know that the Blaugrana club has already targeted 7 agents to transfer for the next season however they are much likely to go through various exits first.

Here is the list of a few players who have been listed to be removed from the club in the month of January.

Samuel Umtiti

In the recent seasons, it was seen that the Central defender Samuel has a lot of injuries and that has become a matter of fact for the entire team. Samuel was rated at an international level and now is far behind.

As of now, he is behind  Ronald Araujo, Gerard Pique, Clement Lenglet, and Eric Garcia. A\Samuel was a high earner and with all recent incidents, he might be removed soon from the club.

Philippe Coutinho

This Brazilian player was the record maker of the Catalan club in the year 2018. He had signed up with Liverpool and was paid a total fee of £142million. Just like Samuel Umtiti, Philippe was also one of the highest earners in the club.

Leave Barcelona in January
Leave Barcelona in January

However unfortunately he is no more in consideration for his roles anymore. However, later on, he had spent everything in a campaign at Bayern Munich. He had helped the team to win the crown of the Champions League. But later on, faced a lot of physical issues and has been off the chart since then.

Coutinho has not been up to the mark and has begun with just 4 matches out of 16 for the Blaugrana club in his recent campaign. And with this campaign, it is more likely that he is going to be removed from the club despite being one of the best players of the club.

Frenkie de Jong

This Dutch international player was one of the best performers at Barca. HE has performed his best since 2019 since his £75million campaign with Ajax. However, he had also faced a difficult year and also have a very high transfer rate which is making the club think twice about the sale.

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However, it is more likely that De Jong might find his best from any other club and it will definitely be a better opportunity for him. However the club already has Nico Gonzalez, Gavi, and Pedri the club already have a lot of other replacements for the midfielder.

Ousmane Dembele

This French player has been out of the club at Camp Nou. It was reported that this summer his contract with the club has ended and that was not extended further. Dembele is going to leave the club this January.

HE might depart as a free agent with the Catalan club. As the club has been removing the players and very much acting towards reducing the wage bill. Dembele was undoubtedly a very talented player and could have done wonders with his amazing career.

However, he needs to get his health much more perfect before going on any further with his career.

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

Ter Stegen’s Performace has gone down in the last 18 months. According to the reports, this goalkeeper has also been on a contract but it was a long-term contract.  Ter Stegen is one of the best goalkeepers. However, as the club’s best goalkeeper, the club is planning to gain some profits before facing any further risks.

However, there were a few players who might be moved out of the club and we just have to wait and see how does this turns out. Till then stay tuned with us for all such updates about your favorite games and players.

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Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline is Entertainment Reporter at OSN.

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