Eternals 2 Release Date Revealed: When is it Coming?

Eternals 2 is finally happening! 

Well, Fam! We’ve got some great news for you. Eternals 2 is not only finally happening, but we’ve got a rough release date at our hands too! 

Amid all the previous rumors that made us all wonder whether a sequel will be happening or not, this is indeed something we all were dying to hear. 

The latest update from Marvel’s end has put an end to all these rumors once and for all. Moreover, we know for sure that we’ll be getting a sequel to the most anticipated Eternals by November 2024.

Release Date:

Eternals 2 Release Date
Eternals 2 Release Date

Eternals 2 has been given a tentative release date that the movie is going to release in November 2024. Therefore, Eternals 2 appears on track to release in late 2024, based on Marvel’s consideration of more immense picture possibilities as well as their effort to maintain a balance between grounded and cosmic narratives.

With this being said, let’s take a look at what this upcoming sequel will hold for us:

Eternals 2 Cast: Who will be Coming Back?

Almost all of the original cast is expected to return in the sequel, but there were a number of casualties in the first film. The Deviants killed Salma Hayek’s Ajak (with the help of Ikaris), while Bill Skarsgard’s Kro murdered Gilgamesh (Don Lee).

The hapless Ikaris, played by Richard Madden, apparently died when he realized his mistake near the movie’s end (lol, yeah, you got that right). Even so, the fact that they have a 7,000-year history doesn’t exclude the possibility of flashbacks. So, even if these characters are apparently dead, we’ll be seeing more of them (wow, great!).

Despite the deaths, Lia McHugh has been transformed into a human by Sersi, suggesting that Sprite might return. However, there is a high possibility that McHugh’s role may be recast if Sprite is likely to return.

During the mid-credits scene in the sequel, Harry Styles appeared as Eros, aka Starfox, aka Thanos’ brother, making his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Consequently, we’re looking forward to seeing him again in the upcoming sequel. 

But if he’s coming then his companion will be Pip the Troll, who was voiced by Patton Oswalt in the first movie and we’re expecting him to be back for this sequel.

Additionally, we will see the return of:

  • Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos 
  • Lauren Ridloff as Makkari
  • Druig portrayed by Barry Keoghan
  • Along with Angelina Jolie as the Eternal Thena in the upcoming sequel.
  • Harington is also likely to return as Dane Whitman aka the Black Knight.

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Eternals 2 Plot: What will the sequel unfold?

As we have clearly seen in the first Eternal movie, the storyline only took inspiration from the comics by Jack Kirby but told its own story. Therefore, on the basis of this, we’re expecting that the sequel i.e., Eternals 2 is going to follow the same course. So, you cannot expect to come up with some major spoilers from the comics. Rather we expect that the cliffhanger ending of the previous film is going to provide the ground for the upcoming sequel.

It is important to remember what occurred, i.e. After defying their leader, Arishem, and preventing Tiamut from destroying Earth, the Eternals disbanded and assumed the war was over. It turns out their assumptions are incorrect as Arishem kidnaps Sersi, Phastos, and Kingo from the planet Earth.

Arishem tells them that he intends to examine their memories to determine if humanity is worthy of survival, just as he does in the comics when he acts as a Celestial who determines whether a planet’s civilization is worthy of survival or not.

However, as are on board the Eternals’ ship, Domo, Druig, Makkari, and Thena are avoiding Arishem for unknown reasons. These Eternals are on their way to share what they have discovered with the rest of the Eternals.

So, we’re expecting the story to continue from where it was left in the prequel i.e. Eternals. 

Eternals 2: Is Trailer Available?

Unfortunately, Eternals 2 is still in discussion and the work has not begun yet. Therefore, we don’t have any trailer, clip, or even any image to share right now. But fret not, because as soon as there’s something we’ll update this blog and let you know. Because after all, providing you with the latest and most authentic news is what we’re here for. So, keep on checking this blog for all the updates.

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