EA Acknowledges Battlefield 2042’s Failure With The Town Hall Post-Mortem

A company named “Town Hall” which is run by EA management had a meeting called yesterday that provided unknown insights about the launch of Battlefield 2042. In the meeting, EA has finally acknowledged that the launch of Battlefield 2042 was disappointing.

The quarterly meetings held by EA works to provide the company with insights and updates on their past by analyzing the past and present which helps them to work towards a better future for the company. 

Biggest Takeaways Of EA Meeting

One of the key discussions of the EA call that was held yesterday included the performance analysis of Battlefield 2042. The discussion on Battlefield 2042 lasted for 20 minutes where discussion about what went wrong with the launch of Battlefield 2042 was discussed along with a focus on how the Battlefield franchise will go forward in the future. 

Laura Miele, Chief Studios Officer of EA monitored the discussion of Battlefield 2042 by leading it. In the discussion. In the discussion, she acknowledged the success of EA in the past and future and said that along with the success, it is also important to acknowledge the misses too which include the launch of Battlefield 2042 which failed to meet the expectations of both the players and the companies. 

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What Led To The Disappointing Launch of Battlefield 2042?

The factors that led to the disappointing launch of Battlefield 2042 were discussed in the meeting. One of the key factors responsible for the disappointing launch of Battlefield 2042 included the Frostbite engine.

Due to the old tech, the update that was required to upgrade and power Battlefield 2042 did not go according to the plan. The problem further occupied 18 months of the development time. The game was put on a new engine as the Frostbite version was old and it needed to be updated. 

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

The sector factor that was held responsible for the disappointing launch of Battlefield 2042 that was put forward by the management included the work from the home scenario of the industry owing to the Covid. With Battlefield 2042, the company was talking about new innovation and new projects, and with a global pandemic hovering around the project, the team had to work from home and this resulted in many new variables that the company never experienced before. 

Miele also pointed out that last summer when Battlefield Beta was launched, a lot of feedback regarding bugs and raw areas of experience was received by EA. However, along with the negative feedback, the company was also showered with positive feedback by the players too. It was further revealed that the bug count ratio of Battlefield 2042 reached historic levels for any DICE game. 

When Battlefield 2042 was launched, the game was stable and the early reception of the game by the players was good but things took a turn for worse when the Halo: Infinite multiplayer was surprisingly released. What made the scenario worse for EA was the comparison between both games. Battlefield 2042 contained bugs while Halo Infinite released a very polished version of its game. 

Bad Reviews Of Battlefield 2042 

Battlefield 2042 received poor Steam reviews owing to bugs and performance, game design, and feature choice and the game is not able to meet the expectations of the players. 

How Will The Situation Be Dealt?

Making a future plan to address the issue EA acknowledged that it has previously faced bug issues in the launch of DICE games and it is nothing new and even though the bug count of Battlefield 2042 is large, it is manageable. Further, it was said that EA has learned from the issues of Battlefield 2042 and is working towards it.

Further, the need to break the anchor of the company’s standards to the previous DICE games was felt like the expectations of the players are changing when it comes to living service games. 

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