Dwayne Johnson Starring in an Action-Adventure ‘Red One’ in Collaboration With Amazon Studios

Recently an announcement was made regarding the new movie Red One which will be featuring Dwayne Johnson for a new movie for Amazon Studios. This announcement was recently made by Amazon.  The film has planned on reuniting Johnson with Chris Morgan as the pair recently had collaborated in a spin-off of Hobbs and Shaw.

The deal for this movie proves that Amazon is recently focused much more on creating a highly competitive situation and also gathering all such characters for the movies which are going to be released on the platform.  Seems to be focusing mostly on widely entertaining movies creating a set of new entertainment for its audience. 

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This deal is a very big moment for Amazon and the chief of Amazon Jennifer Salke who took part in this situation is creating a very big opportunity for the platform.  Amazon is for focused search entertainers like Manchester by the sea, Wiener-Dog, or such as “Brad’s Status”.

After Jennifer joined Amazon in 2018 the entire streaming platform had made a lot of deals during the pandemic. Some of the deals included include “Borat 2, Without Remorse,” and “Coming to 2 America.  Amazon completely took advantage of the shutdown and had taken up on all the traditional Studio such as Paramount, HBO Max, and all others.

And having a good deal with Johnson gives Amazon a big opportunity to work with the world’s biggest actors and this indeed works as a very huge success for Amazon.

What Is the Theme of This Big Collaboration of Amazon Studio?

The upcoming movie Red One was the idea given by Hiram Garcia.  He is the president of Seven Bucks Productions which was co-created and founded by  Dany Garcia. This movie is mentioned as an action-adventure comedy movie which is itself a new universe that can be explored within the holiday genre.

The press release in which the movie was announced shared that this movie is going to be far beyond Expectations and would come off with a lot of entertainment packages for the viewers which in turn means that Amazon is going to have a lot of business with this movie. 

Further on this announcement, Dwayne Johnson shared that this movie is going to be a lot more exciting than we can expect. He also added that the partnership with Amazon studios is a very big factor for them. He said that this movie is an entire combination of some innovation,  passion, and a lot of positive energies.

He also added that he has been a lot impressed with the vision of the entire team to To be creating such a unique and fun movie for families all around the world.  

When Will the Movie Start Its Production?

The filming of the movie has been scheduled for the year 2022 self and we can expect a release of the movie in the year 2023. The movie is being produced by Dany Garcia, Johnson, and Hiram Garcia. The script is being worked on by Morgan.

Red One
Red One

Seven Bucks Productions Is always famous for creating a lot of unique content for the entire family shows and so we know that Red One is going to be working on such these said, Jennifer. She further added that the concept given by Viram and the entire production is a lot unique and their kid just cannot wait to start filming. 

Also, she is a lot excited to team up with seven bucks production to bring Chris Morgan as well in the movie. Further adding that read one is going to be a successful collaboration for the entire team.  “Further adding that red one is going to be a successful collaboration for the entire team.

Jennifer also said that Hiram Garcia, Who has been working with this story of rat 1 is a lot special to her and also is the story she always wanted to tell everyone for years.  further added that this movie is going to be a very big combination of action and adventure that is going to bring a big Turn in this epic holiday mythology.

She further shares that she is very much thrilled to team up with Seven Bucks production to bring such a good story to all the families globally. So do not forget to add this movie to your list and until any further updates stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite characters and your favorite stars.

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