The Girl Before The Release Date, Synopsis, Cast, and Trailer

Welcome back fam!  Today we’re back with some amazing updates about a new psychological thriller that is going to be with us really soon. So if you are also a fan of psychological thrillers then you should keep reading on further to see what we have for you.

The Girl Before Is the new psychological thriller which is going to be with us really soon this series is going to be released on HBO Max in the US and in BBC1 in the UK.  This movie was announced first in March 2021. Other than that this series is referred from the best-selling novel of JP  Delaney with the same name as the show.

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The story of the show depicts women who would be questioning all the opportunities to stay in a minimalist home along with a lot of strict rules around.  This show has been written by JP Delaney himself along with Lisa Brühlmann.

So we have gathered all the information about the upcoming psychological thriller and every detail you should know about the show. So keep reading further to get all the updates about the release date, cast, plot, and a lot more about the show. 

‘The Girl Before’ Release Date

The girl before has been released on BBC1 and BBC iPlayer on 19th December in the UK. The series has a total of four episodes and has been broadcasted simultaneously in those 4 Nights starting from 19 December. The entire series is now also available on iPlayer for all people to watch. 

Other than the show has been released on HBO Max as well for all the US fans. And we are not sure when the show is going to be available on the streaming platforms yet.  

‘The Girl Before’ Cast

The Girl Before
The Girl Before

The lead actor of the show Gugu Mbatha-Raw who is also a BAFTA-nominated actor is present in the show as Jane.  the character of Jane is about the traumatized young woman who found out a lot of shocking things about her house.

She was completely in love with her new home and had shifted there recently and found out that something was not right with that place. Recently in an interview, Gugu Mbatha-Raw said That she is very much excited to work with this series on such a beautiful story as her debut as an actor and producer. 

Along with her another Emmy award-nominated actor David Oyelowo is also going to play the role of Edward Monkfordin in the series.  He is acting as an architect who designed the home in which Jain just moved into. 

All other cast members include Jessica Plummer, who is featured in the show as Emma.  president at the same house in which Jain just moved and she had passed away three years before Jane shifted to that apartment. Along with Emma was her partner Ben Hardy who was also starred in this show.

In a recent interview, David Oyelowo said that this story is not only mind-blowing but had a very strong storyline and he is very excited for the show other than being in it. He also added that he would go anywhere in the entire world to work once again with the cast of the show. 

‘The Girl Before’ Plot

The girl before is a story about Jane a young woman who rents a house at One Folgate Street. This house is a beautiful minimalist house that must have been designed by Edward Monkford.  This house is a complete dream house for any individual but the house had just one rule to follow in the house.  Jane had to live according to all the rules set by Edward while she stays in that house.

When she starts staying in that house she started to feel that this house was not actually what she has dreamt of. She was facing a lot of changes in her Lifestyle due to this new house and that was also affecting her in many ways. And just after a few days, Jane found out something very shocking about the people who stayed at the house earlier.

After that Jane found out that she had a lot of things in common with the previous tenant Emma and herself. Later on, when she thought of all the incidents which had happened to Emma is happening to her as well she thought that she might face all the similar consequences as Emma did. And the story is all about how Jane saves herself from this situation and fights all she can. So do not forget to 

 ‘The Girl Before’ Trailer

The trailer for The Girl Before Video was released on December 2021 and if you haven’t watched the trailer yet then you should have a clear idea about what the movie is about. The trailer shows how Jane was living a happy life and after she shifted to that house she started changing accordingly and that was because of the house.

When she started digging into the house past she found out how dangerous the house was. So do not forget to watch the show and share your views in the comments below. 

Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and favorite characters. 

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