Dragon ball Super: Super Hero: When is it Releasing?

Dragon Ball Super does not need an introduction with a game to its name and a manga series. It is one of the most popular anime that Japanese Cinema has to offer. And so, it’s no surprise that after the release of the first movie, fans want a sequel. Well, their wishes have been heard by the creator Akira Toriyama, who, along with a couple of other important members of the movie, announced at the Comic-Con 2021 that a sequel is indeed on its way. They also have announced the official name for Dragon Ball Super sequel, i.e., Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Moreover, they also gave out a release date and confirmed that Goku would be back again. Isn’t this all exciting? This film was first previewed earlier this year on Goku Day. But back then, we didn’t have many details regarding the sequel. Things have changed now, and we know a lot more. Hence, to find out everything related to the much-awaited Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, continue reading.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release Date

Toei Animation confirmed the second movie of Dragon Ball Super would be released in 2022 at the San Diego Comic-Con 2021. Although, he didn’t give out the date exactly. We can predict looking at the release date of the last movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Like the last movie, we think it might come out at the end of the year in 2022.

Dragon ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Plot

There has been no mention of what villains Goku is going to come across yet. We do know that there will be lots of superhero moments, though. That is clearly because of the name and also because of Iyoku remarked at the comic con. He said, “We really wanted to emphasize that this movie is all about the superhero vibes. Toriyama is really focusing on the aspects of the superhero this time.” 

The goal is to adapt the Moro arc from the manga continuation for Dragon Ball Super. After all, this followed the Power Tournament in the Super Comic Dragon Ball. To some degree make sense. If it happened, the Z-warriors would fight against a bad sorcerer named Moro who escapes the Galactic Patrol prison. However, the difficulty is that it can be more appropriate for a whole episode than for a two-hour film. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure. The plot is going to be amazing as Akira Toriyama is working on it. Sascha confirmed this at the comic con by saying: 

“Toriyama has written the original story, script, and also the character designs.”


There hasn’t been any proper trailer released yet. However, a teaser was revealed at the comic con. So, that fans can have an idea of what to expect from the superhero movie, which will be full of stunts, new characters, and a storyline that will blow your minds away.


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