Don’t Underestimate Avatar 2: It’s Guaranteed to Be a Box Office Success [Latest Update]

However, Avatar 2 is being underestimated by some people, denying its capability before its kick-off, the movie is sure to turn out as successful in the box office.

Though some people are already set to cut back Avatar 2 even ahead of its premiere, the film is confirmed to be successful. Avatar 1 had broken many records after its release, which led its director James Cameron to sign a deal for four follow-up films. The first of these scheduled follow-ups has gone through a similar development pattern to the original Avatar, which could contribute towards the mixed feelings regarding its release.

Back in 1994, James Cameron first started working on the original Avatar, previously planning to shoot it just after the release of Titanic in 1997, but was compelled to postpone this idea for over a decade. Cameron said the technology that was required didn’t yet exist to rebuild his vision, and the final product was worth waiting for. Avatar was nominated for nine Academy Awards and won three. Though the storyline was different from the original, depicting a story of the native Navi taking off against Earthen colonizers set on mining the land for valuable resources, its developments in filmmaking techniques set the movie apart.

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Avatar has a rating of 81% on Rotten Tomatoes and was the highest-earning movie of all time for over ten years, but in the years since its premiere, the eagerness for the world of Pandora has diminished. Some people have even gone so far as to say that the Avatar movie wasn’t that good at all. Still, despite how many are undervaluing the follow-up, Avatar 2 has got the competency to turn out as another success at the box office.

Avatar’s Box Office Record Explained

Following its release in December 2009, Avatar broke numerous box office records, and became the highest-earning movie across the world with $2.789 billion, along with the highest-earning film globally in 3D and IMAX formats. Domestically in the US and Canada, Avatar was the highest-earning movie in its second through seventh weekends and also topped the charts in nations along with China, South Korea, Romania, and the UK.

Don't Underestimate Avatar 2
Even the earlier film to uphold the record for highest global movie release was Cameron’s Titanic with $1.84 billion. Avatar kept this title from 2010 through 2019, at which point Avengers: Endgame became the new number one with $2.797 billion in box office gross. Then in 2021, Avatar reclaimed its title when the movie was re-released in China. Adjusted for inflation, Avatar is the second highest-earning movie of all time after Gone with the Wind.

How Avatar Transformed the Movie Industry

Cameron planned for Avatar to be more than just a movie, but a one-of-a-kind cinema experience. To accomplish this, new motion capture animation technologies were advanced to allow animators to capture actors’ facial expressions in a better way, including new systems for lighting large areas and texturing CGI elements.

Cameron sought the CGI to appear as realistic as possible, and these developments granted Avatar a shocking level of realism that changed the future of movies. Avatar also made the 3D format popular again and encouraged many other movies to come out in 3D in the subsequent years; it was even liable for some televisions being precisely made to endorse 3D.

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The film set multiple trends with its release that other popular franchises such as the MCU and Star Wars have followed, like premiering big projects in the last month of the year. Before Avatar, big releases typically came out over the summer months,

and its December premiere possibly made contributions to some of its success since no other competing films were launching at the start of the subsequent year. Another trend that Avatar began was re-launching the movie with nine additional minutes of clips, which was then imitated by many other movies to include in their box office numbers.

Why Avatar 2 Is Already Being Ridiculed

In the years between Avatar and Avatar 2, people changed their opinions on the franchise. A lot of time has passed by between the first and second movies. It’s a huge task to try to make audiences care regarding a project that hasn’t been new or relevant in more than ten years, and what had made Avatar so unique at the moment is now commonplace.

The advances in CGI, and its other technological innovations, have become standard practices for big movie franchises, so re-watching Avatar no longer provides audiences that same thrill that they would’ve felt the first time watching it in theaters. Coupling that with the long wait makes it tough to keep interested in an Avatar follow-up, particularly given that Avatar’s ending had no significant cliffhangers or unsettled story beats which would’ve maintained audiences involved.

Underestimating Avatar 2 Is a Mistake

Cameron is proficient at his work and has proven it with a highly successful filmography. He has produced numerous projects that have kept beloved works that stand the test of time, along with Aliens, Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and Titanic.

Several critics were uncertain of the first Avatar before it was released, concerning that the Navi would appear so real it would form an uncanny valley effect, and that Cameron would have drained away from the huge budget of film on a plot that no one wanted to see. And those critics were swiftly proved wrong. If Avatar 2 is similar to the first one, it must have the power to turn out as another highly successful movie with general audiences.

Like the original Avatar, Cameron has created new technologies for Avatar 2 to turn the way movies are made. Since much of Avatar 2 will occur underwater, Cameron formed underwater motion capture technology that needs the actors to be immersed in a 900,000-gallon tank that mimics ocean currents. Later, visual effects artists have to animate the actors’ faces whilst they are underwater. 


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