Netflix’s Beautiful Cuphead Show: Will It Ever Going To Happen?

Recently Netflix has announced that its most hit show going on for years is going to be released on the 18th of February. This game is based on the Cuphead video game and it is going to release a full-on new trailer before the actual show. And today we are here to discuss what you should be expecting from this trailer and the upcoming release of Netflix.

Everything You Need to Know About the Cuphead Show

This game is famous for its stunning hand-drawn animation which was completely inspired by the cartoons of 1930. Thus the Cuphead game made it possible to be out as a TV series and you can completely judge what is going to happen next in the show just by looking at the trailer. And from the trailer, we can say that this entire game is going to be a complete set of entertainment for us.

 All the people who have played this game already must be aware of all the similar characters from the game. This game also has a lot of similar characters such as a side-scroller, along with Cuphead and Mugman who is his brother. Other than them some other characters of the game also join the game. The trailer even shows that Ms. Chalice, who is going to join the Cuphead game will also be showing up in the game.

After the first hit consoles, this game had gained a lot of fans and their attention from the entire Gaming Community. This popular game is a mixture of art and action. This game has gained a lot of attention from the public. With such big fame, the production has collaborated with Netflix and created an amazing animated series. But this animated series is a combination of all the mixtures we had seen in this game and without any doubt, it is going to be an exciting journey of this game.

This show is very nicely named ‘The Cuphead Show. The trailer showed us a completely new adventure of Mugman, Ms. Chalice, and  Cuphead in a completely nostalgic and colorful world. Mimicking is one kind of art form of the game and the entire series is followed by such kind of animation. This animation shows not much of an exaggerated movement and is a complete combination of crazy and funny things going on in the show.

The Cuphead Show Release Date

The show is going to officially premiere on the 18th of February only on Netflix. The Cuphead show will be having a total of 12 episodes in this first season. Along with that Netflix has also added a small mini-game and a countdown in which these characters such as Mugman and Cuphead will be able to get the souls of various different creatures

The Cuphead Show Cast

Here is the list of all the cast members included in the upcoming series:

  • The Cuphead  (Tru Valentino) 
  • Mugman (Frank Todaro)  
  • Elder Kettle ( Joe Hanna) 
  • Devil (Luke Millington-Drake)
  • Ms. Chalice (Grey Griffin) 
  • King Dice ( Wayne Brady) 

The maker of the game is  Jared Moldenhauer and Chad. The executive producer of the series and also the producer of the animated series is  Dave Wasson. The co-executive producer of the show is Cosmo Segurson. All the episodes of the show are directed by Clay Morrow and Adam Paloian.

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You have watched the trailer and I am excited about the show just like me then you would definitely like to watch the teaser as well. The teaser of the show Stars Wayne Brady who would be voicing the Diabolical King dice. But definitely make sure to add this to your watch list so that you can enjoy the Animated Series to its fullest. Till then stay tuned with us for all such mind-blowing updates about your favorite characters and favorite shows.


Marie Foster
Marie Foster
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