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Donda 2 Kanye West New Album 2022 Release Date: Is It Officially Confirmed?

Kanye Omari West was born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 8, 1977. His father, Ray, was a photojournalist for the Atlanta Journal and was also politically active in the Black Panthers; he later became a Christian counselor.

West’s mother, Donda, was a teacher who became an English professor at Chicago State University and eventually her son’s principal before she died aged 58 of heart disease after cosmetic surgery in 2007.

After what seems like an eternity and a day of hype surrounding Kanye West’s “Donda” album, fans finally got to hear it, and it was certified gold. Now, the lyrical genius who would have returned to the studio to work on his next project: “Donda 2”. But what is the release date? Considering that the first album was released at the end of August 2021, it might be a while before the sequel comes out.

What Is the Release Date of “Donda 2”?

A release date for “Donda 2” has yet to be given, but music director Steven Victor told Complex that Ye is currently working on the sequel, which Steven called “new masterpiece”. But it’s unclear if Kanye will keep his current name or if he has other plans in mind. It will be the first time the artist has followed up on an existing project if he does.

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Additionally, the timeline of the original “Donda” album could be an indication of when we can expect its successor. We know that the release date of this album has been postponed more times than the original: July 24, 2020. He had tweeted and deleted the tracklist and organized several listening events for this one.

Donda 2 Kanye West New Album 2022
And when he came out, Kanye said it ended against his will. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Kanye said, “Universal put my album out without my approval and they blocked jail 2 from being on the album.” And let’s not forget that even after the release of “Donda”, the tracklist changed several times.

Only a handful was available in the final draft of the original list of songs he tweeted. Then, after the album was released, two songs that had features featuring Chris Brown and KayCyy Pluto were removed. But it was eventually returned. Kanye also changed the sound of four songs, according to Newsweek: “God Breathed”, “Come to Life”, “Jail pt. 2”, and “Junya”. If this is any sign, we may be waiting for “Donda 2” for quite some time with a lot of ups and downs in between. 

How Many Albums Did Kanye West Not Release?

If there’s anything we know about Kanye, it’s that he’s pretty serious about his craft and not every project he works on sees the light of day. There were 10 unreleased albums that he worked on for years, including “Cruel Winter”, “Good Ass Job”, “Love Everyone”, “So Help Me God”, “Turbo Grafx 16”, “Watch the Throne 2”, “Yandhi” and “Yeezus 2”. Plus, there was this collab with Drake called “Wolves” that probably won’t ever happen now.

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Who even remembers this Donda movie: With Child? And none of that explains the fact that Kanye wasn’t the one who announced “Donda 2.” So, not only is it possible that we never heard of the project from him, it’s also possible that we never hear of him. Another stroke of inspiration could strike him at any moment, and it would be as if this sequel had never even been a thought.

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