Deshaun Watson Net Worth 2023

American football quarterback, Deshaun Watson net worth has always been a bit of a question mark. Let’s unveil this mystery!

Having been on the college football team at Clemson, Derrick Deshaun Watson took the reins and guided the team to a national championship victory in 2016. Following his college success, Watson’s talents earned him a spot as a first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, chosen by the Houston Texans. The twenty-seven-year-old football quarterback plays in the National Football League (NFL) for the Cleveland Browns. 

From his journey from being a ball boy to being a great footballer, Watson has proved himself to be the pride of his country. Considering the fact that he has gathered many accolades on his name and is still going strong with his increasing number of achievements.

This, however, does make one wonder what would be Deshaun Watson net worth in actuality. Seeing that he has become very successful at such a young age, his career is still very much flourishing.

Well, fear not. We have got you covered. Here are all the details that you need to know about him.

Who is Deshaun Watson?

Before we delve into the issue of Deshaun Watson net worth, it is necessary for us to know a little bit about him to better understand how he ended up in the place that he is in now.

Who is Deshaun Watson?Born as Derrick Deshaun Watson on September 14, 1995, in Gainesville, Georgia, he is the offspring of Don Richardson and Deann Watson. At Gainesville High School, Deshaun excelled in football and even served as the inaugural freshman starting quarterback under the guidance of head coach Bruce Miller. During his time at Gainesville High, he etched his name in state records with remarkable achievements like total touchdowns (218), total yards (17,134), and career passing yards (13,077).

Property Value
Net Worth $60 million
Name Deshaun Watson
Date of Birth Sep 14, 1995
Age 27 years old (as of 2023)
Height 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Weight 101Kgs (222lbs)
Body Measurements Unknown
Annual Salary $5 Million
Monthly income $0.4 Million+
Profession American Football Quarterback
Nationality American

College Career

Deshaun Watson joined Clemson University in early 2014, becoming their starting quarterback by September. He set a Clemson record with six touchdown passes in his debut but faced setbacks due to injuries. Despite overcoming adversity, including playing with a torn ACL, he led Clemson to victories and accolades, including ACC Championships and College Football Playoff appearances.

The football player displayed exceptional performances and earned him Heisman Trophy finalist status, the Davey O’Brien Award, and other honours. He declared for the NFL draft in 2016 after a successful college football career and graduated with a communications degree in three years.

Deshaun Watson Net Worth: How Much Is It?

According to the estimate for August 2023, Deshaun Watson’s net worth is roughly 60 Million USD dollars! Yes, you read it correctly. This is Deshaun Watson net worth in 2023, and that is quite a lot if you ask me and very much deserved. Seeing that he did great for his country and his team.

Deshaun Watson Net Worth: How Much Is It?

Deshaun Watson Net Worth: Is He Worth The Money?

Here’s what the people closest to him think!

The wide receiver, Julio Jones, who drafted into Falcons one year after Watson joined the practising facility. Once shared his thoughts about young quarterback abilities:

“S—, I knew he was a hell of a quarterback. I tried to get him to go to Alabama”.

Moreover, Falcon former receiver coach Terry Robiskie also told ESPN:

“I know a lot of those guys sit there and watch him and, like me, they’re just amazed at how far he’s come and where it all came from and where it all started.”

These statements clearly indicate that he is indeed worth the money that is invested into him. Discernably, the Texans were not wrong to sign him to a $13.84 million contract that also featured an $8.21 million signing bonus on May 12, 2017.

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Deshaun Watson’s Records and Achievements

Watson has shattered multiple NFL records, including the highest career completion percentage (67.8%), most completions with a perfect passer rating (28), and a rookie record for 19 passing touchdowns in a 7-game span.

He also set various rookie records during his debut season, such as most passing touchdowns in a single game (5), most passing touchdowns in a month (16), and consecutive games with a touchdown pass (20). Watson holds Texans franchise records for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback (17), passing touchdowns in a single game (5), and highest passer rating in a season (112.4), among others.

Did Allegations Affect Deshaun Watson Net Worth?

Did you know that in March 2021, the first of 20 sexual misconduct allegations were filed against Watson? Almost more than two dozen female massage therapists. Watson, however, has denied these claims even though there have been 20 sexual misconduct allegations.

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But the main question is, did it have an effect on Deshaun Watson net worth and football career? Apparently, no. Seeing that:

  • He has an annual average salary of $46 million according to the terms of the 5-year contract he signed with the Browns in 2022.
  • Moreover, the contract is worth $230 million, and at the signing, $44.965 million were fully guaranteed.



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