3 Celebrity Homes to Take Style Inspiration From

Whether rightly or wrongly, we look to celebrities to show us the way. What is the style of now? What is the latest look, and how should it be executed? Well, putting aside what you should wear today, we’re looking at what your home should wear. What are the world’s biggest celebrities doing, and is there anything you can take from their style into your own home?

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Luxury doesn’t need to mean boring

Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Home
Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Home

Modern Family’s Mitch makes it clear that he comes from a background in comedy the second you enter his home. In his hall, you will see a massive art piece that says, “No loud cussing, please.”

So, to be clear, only whispered cussing in this house. It’s a cheeky graphic that reminds you that this is a man with a family and a sense of humour in a home that is very, very neutral in terms of its colour scheme. There are a lot of natural materials like stone and wood floors in a very clean-cut home. This is a common trend in non-celebrity homes too. 

The neutral, natural tones have been a go-to for many years. They can be styled in a variety of ways, working as a wonderful base. For instance, laminate flooring works wonderfully with the nature-first Japandi style that emphasises relaxed, clear lines and tones, cultivating a relaxing, peaceful, at-one-with-nature vibe. And yet, laminate flooring can be an essential component of a rustic, cottage core vibe, complimenting pops of blues, reds, and greens consistent with the English countryside.

However, the other lesson of Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s home is that cohesiveness immediately says “luxury”. Flipping through pictures of his Encino, LA home shows that there is a common theme throughout the entire three-tiered building. The same shade of beech wood with white walls and black accents. It’s a very inoffensive look and one that allows for some surprises without throwing the whole look.

Saoirse Ronan: You can combine modern and traditional

Saoirse Ronan’s Home
Saoirse Ronan’s Home

Saoirse Ronan knows how to own her roots. Some Hollywood big-wig has no doubt posed the idea of changing her name, given that no one from late-night hosts to press pundits can pronounce it, but she’s not having any of it. And it’s really not that difficult.

And that mentality is carried into her home style. Her Irish home in Greystones is exactly what you’d imagine when you think of a Hollywood Oscar winner buying a rustic cottage. It’s not a cottage for one thing, not technically, but its yellow wall exteriors evoke that idea. Not to mention the stove fireplace in the bedroom, the marble fireplace in the sitting room, and the piano in the corner of the dining room. Even the Irish colours are in there, with peachy orange walls and bold, emerald green sofas and dining chairs.

But the modern is incorporated in there. The dining table sits atop a lush pink rug with a geometric chandelier overhead, and the kitchen is the epitome of modern trends, with pastel blue colour blocking and subway tile backsplash. Theoretically, none of it should work, and then you look around and see that it clearly does.

Dan Levy: Make sure to incorporate a little bit of you

Dan Levy’s Home
Dan Levy’s Home

Who would David Rose be without his iconic black-and-white patterned jumpers? The Schitt’s Creek star and creator – too many people forget that – has managed to incorporate the high-contrast look of his character’s (and often his own) wardrobe into his Los Feliz estate.

But it isn’t cold. White walls and black accents surprisingly haven’t made this home feel in any way dire, offset by subtle tones, fun soft furnishings, and plenty of plants. For example, Levy’s throw over his bed might be black and white striped, like a lot of David’s jumpers, but it sits across a set of pillows in dark green rather than black. His wood floors are a rustic dark brown to keep that contrast up but have an ornately patterned rug over them.

Looking round the rest of the rooms in the house, you can see an appreciation for the ornate and the soft. A curved staircase with a spindly, swirling bannister is offset by a (presumably faux) fur rug and a squishy ottoman. It all says “classic” and “timeless”, which the Roses were always striving for.


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