Brie Intentionally Slapped Stephanie McMahon to Spark a Rivalry?

Both Brie Bell and Stephanie McMahon have been in the industry for quite some time now. Recently they are both under hot waters as one of them has been physically violent. Brie Bell slapped Stephanie McMahon! And many have suspicions regarding this action of hers. Did she slap her just to get back into the limelight by making headlines? Or did she do it after getting heated over something trivial? Well to know everything about Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella rivalry continue reading the article!

There is no denying that putting them together was a tactic of WWE. Obviously Brie and Stephanie felt like they were in a tight stop after being pitted against each other. And why would they not recruit them together? After all, all the TV shows they do together bag impressive ratings and viewership. However, the reason why Brie slapped Stephanie is not related to the match. In fact it is all about the history between them. Moreover, it is a bizarre decision to put the two women together. As Stephanie hasn’t wrestled in quite long. While on the other hand, Brie has worked hard on her wrestling skills. So, it is clear who will win in the match. 

Now let us introduce you to what actually happened in the match. Well the WWE has three kinds of matches. The first kind involves wrestling, the second kind involves technical ability, and the third kind involves no fighting at all. So, now we know that things went south in the third kind. Obviously there are more underlying factors to what actually went down.

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Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella: The True Reality

This incident dates back to the Daniel Bryan feud with the Authority. Those who do not know Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are actually in a serious relationship. So, Brie slapped Stephanie because of what she did to Daniel. So, yes in a way she took revenge by physically assaulting her in front of millions. She even quitted her job as a form of protest.

However, you’ll be pleased to hear that both of them have slapped each other at one occasion or the other. Stephanie took the chance to slap Brie after she started mocking her in a live segment. She even spoke up about this incident in an interview. Stephanie McMahon revealed that it was also her trying to get back on Brie Bella who first slapped her because of Daniel Bryan. She even went as far as spotting the reason why she slapped her. According to Stephanie, the main reason was because she had put Daniel Bryan in a tough position and even attempted to fire Bella. Judging from these comments it seems like both parties are at fault. However, Bella initiated the physical violence. Which is wrong on her part.

Brie Intentionally Slapped Stephanie McMahon to Spark a Rivalry?
Brie Intentionally Slapped Stephanie McMahon to Spark a Rivalry?

Stephanie also took her revenge in other ways. For example she placed Nikki Bella in Handicap matches. Looking at how she pulled all of this also speaks a lot about her capabilities. Many also compared her to her father who is also similar to her. Bella also got back at her for this moment. But Stephanie spoke about this whole incident in a much comfortable way. Which is good to see! Stephanie McMahon is actually a very active part of the Women’s division. And seeing her resort to such violence was definitely not a good thing for her career.

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So, when the SummerSlam will start rolling we know that Brie and Stephanie will be the main duo who will attract most of the audience! So, we are looking forward to more of their interaction. But hopefully this time it will be peaceful. So, we hope that this article solved all your queries regarding ‘Stephanie McMahon vs. Brie Bella’. For more such updates don’t forget to bookmark this page! 


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